To The Waters and The Wild

by Running Dog Theatre in Exeter, England, United Kingdom

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To The Waters & The Wild will be a new music theatre show about going home, climate change, and hope in the face of helplessness.

by Running Dog Theatre in Exeter, England, United Kingdom

To The Waters and The Wild will be a new music theatre show about going home, climate change, and hope in the face of helplessness.

 Set in a near future where the effects of climate change have reshaped the geographic and political landscape, it tells the story of a young woman returning to her small hometown to find it the same as it has always been, and ultimately changed forever.

 Utilising five actor/musicians to weave gig-theatre, spoken word, animation, puppetry and storytelling, we try and find a song worth singing even as the ship is going down all around us.

The town is small and much as you remembered.

Waves, and houses and people have risen and fallen.

You stand on the cliffs about the town and look out to sea.

There is a storm coming in.

Deep in its belly there is a band playing.

And the band plays on.

 Developed with and supported by Strike A Light, The Other Room, The Bike Shed and Camden People’s Theatre.

What we need?

We need £600 to provide us with equipment such as;

  • Wireless System: This will give us much more freedom to devise without the risk or complication of having lots of cables on stage. This will ensure the quality of music whilst also allowing us to be playful and push boundaries with our staging of the piece.
  • Loop pedal: One of our aims is to create a constant score for the piece that is created live on stage. A loop pedal will allow us to build soundscapes and music live and won’t restrict us to the music/sound ending once we put down the instruments.
  • Dynamic microphones and microphone stands: Currently we are using a lot of borrowed equipments from some very generous friends. BUT once they need these back, we are at a bit of a loss. We want 4 dynamic microphones and 4 microphone stands for each member on stage to allow freedom to use all our musical assets whilst building the musical score.

What happens next?

‘To The Waters & The Wild’ will be previewing a work-in-progress performance at Camden People’s Theatre on the 7th & 8th November as part of their Shoot the Breeze Festival.

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About The Company 

Based in Exeter and the South West we make theatre that is musical, visual, playful and above all engaging. Audiences are at the centre of our work: both in an ongoing desire to find new and alternative audiences for their work, outside the confines of the theatre space, and in an effort to make the theatre a safe, welcoming and joyous space for everyone. our work combines live music, storytelling, physical theatre, mixed media, poetry and a healthy dose of silliness and play to create work that resonates with our audiences.

Running Dog Theatres most recent touring production ‘Wanna Dance with Somebody’ has toured nationally throughout 2016 and in early 2017 receiving critical acclaim.


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