Let's help Food Safety promote in Ivory Coast

To teach the illiterate women's farm cooperatives how apply good manufacturing practices to promote food safety in Ivory Coast (Africa )

We did it!

On 2nd May 2016 we successfully raised £20 with 1 supporter in 56 days


          Citizen of Ivory Coast, I am PhD student in Food Engineering at Ondokuz Mayis University, Samsun in Turkey. I am interested in Foods safety and Foods production research's. My vocational and educational life resumed to find solution of both question:

           - How we can transform locally African's farm produce for high value-added foods to reduce malnutrition, poverty and famine?

           - Which measures and conditions are necessary to bring under control the risk of dangers while food production to safe and good 


NB: This video is copyrighted by World Health Organization (WHO) with aim to promote food safety. 

Resume and Problems:

                Food security is to allow humans to access and use the good and safe feeds in quantity anywhere and at any time of day. The production of good and safe foods depends of the four actors involved in food sector. There are Farmers, Suppliers, Manufacturers and Consumers. In developed-countries a third of the population contracts yearly the foodborne diseases (due to pathogens and chemicals residuals) able to cause the die. But unfortunately this ratio is important in non-developed and developing countries where 2.2 million of the population lose their life yearly. 

This situation continues on because in the majority, the farmers of those countries are illiterates. Among they, the women's farm cooperatives number is so important. So, their lack of background in food safety represent a main factor of the risk level increasing.


The challenge of this project is to allow farmers, particularly women farmers to learn, know and use the basic rules ( Food safety management in field, Role of HACCP in fresh products maintenance, Post-harvest conservation...) to bring under control the dangers (microbes, viruses and chemical residuals) during the production and post-harvest operations for safe farm produce and low waste foods. 

Need and Planning:

The need is £2,000. With these amount we will train ten (10) groups and give their posters and documents about food safety rules and practices. We will manage together these amount on Crowdfunding and it's in flexible mode, thank you friends. So, if we manage e.g £1,000 five (5) groups will be trained.

For this challenge, the follow program drew-up. I am going at 15 June 2016 in Ivory Coast. The project will begin in early of July and last thirty (30) days. This first round will be concern ten (10) women's cooperatives. 

- Two (2) cooperatives of Mangoes production and processing ;

- One (1) cooperative of Pineapple production and processing;

- Three (3) cooperatives of Food crops production;

- Two (2) cooperatives of Banana production;

- One (1) cooperative of Cassava roots production and processing; 

- One (1) cooperative of Cashew nut production and processing.

In each region, two (2) cooperatives chosen. I must during two sojourns to teach and suggest their suitable one food safety management plan. In the concrete terms, during the first day; fields will be visited. But in a second sojourn, the farmers will be taught; the data hard copies and posters will be donated after the training. The amount will use to make training supports, transportation and accommodation fees. 

 If you believe in my project, you have some questions about it because you want together help the African Women Farmers to improve their business and reduce the risk of foodborne diseases meet me through this email: kokazongo@Outlook.fr.


NB: Please let's help the women farmers because they live in the very poverty conditions in Africa. Thanks you so much to support them!

    The following pictures summarize the lack of food safety backgrounds.

Picture@May-Guiri Saethre Norwegian Crops Research Institute. 

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