help us provide Weddings for terminally ill

by Amy Faucheux in Nottingham, England, United Kingdom

help us provide Weddings for terminally ill
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We are a non profit company aiming to provide weddings for those with terminal or life changing diagnoses through funding and grants

by Amy Faucheux in Nottingham, England, United Kingdom

We are a non profit company who fund ,provide and plan weddings for the terminally ill and those with a life changing diagnoses. When you are given a terminal or life changing diagnosis your entire world comes crashing around you and your priorities in life change. you or your partner ( often both ) can no longer work or bring in a wage to the household and it can mean living on or under the poverty line so plans of being able to marry each other often can no longer happen, or finding out you are terminally ill can make you realise for your partner and your children or extended family that whilst time is short you can have the wedding you dreamt of. 

It will be within our local community in the East Midlands and we will be using local suppliers and venues across our community to donate their services or work for cost. This will not only bring the community together but also being able to do this for couples wanting to get married will bring the community and the families within together and build stronger relationships.  It will also enable couples with their families to ease their financial burdens during the worst time of their lives and give them, their children and families something positive to look forward to . We will also be working closely with venues and suppliers so this will not only bring us together but also build relationships not only with venues and suppliers but far more importantly with the couples and their families who have been affected by their diagnoses. 

Couples will be able to apply for a wedding even if it must be done within a matter of days. We plan to find some premises where they can come and see us  (or travel to them if that’s not possible) but also a safe secure environment with a play section for children if they attend , so that the children can be distracted and enjoy themselves . we also plan and have already been offered wedding dress, suit, bridesmaid dress donations and these will need to be stored so we would like to be able to offer them a dressing room so that they can still experience the trying on of dresses with their family and friends so that they don’t miss out on that. If donated dresses are unsuitable or not used within 12 months they will be sold with all profit going back into the company to enable us to help other couples. Or if not sold they will be turned into gowns for stillborn children and donated to local hospitals. We will be funded through grants, fundraising and donations and any profits will be put back into the business as we are non profit. 

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