To pay for NHS critical care staff's food & basics

by Helen Helper in South Cerney, England, United Kingdom

To pay for NHS critical care staff's food & basics


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Please join me and make a difference? Every donation will help. Thank you in advance for your contribution to this cause that means so much

by Helen Helper in South Cerney, England, United Kingdom

Hello everyone,

The NHS staff are truly amazing. At some point in our lives, we or our loved ones have needed their help. 

At the moment, we need the NHS staff even more.  They do an incredible job, which is not only physically exhausting, but mentally draining.   They then get up the next day and go back, knowing that the situation is likely to be worse. 

Sadly, they are putting their own lives at risk to care for us. 

If you watched the BBC news on Thursday evening, you may have been shocked to see a critical care nurse in tears after work, as she found a supermarket with no food. 

How can we let these truly wonderful people go hungry? That is not the brilliant Britain I know. We need to look after them, so they can look after us and our families. 

So how can we help?

We have probably all felt rather helpless in these uncertain times.  However, one way you can help, is to donate to this page.  The money raised from this page, will pay for food for these incredible people.

I am trying to contact supermarkets, so they can put together food parcels (like for the elderly and vulnerable) and deliver them to the hospitals.

It would mean that NHS staff do not need to be confronted with empty stores, but instead know that they can take the food parcel you have helped to donate, go home, get nourished and have some much needed rest. They should not be worrying about a basic need of finding food and basics.

Your donation of the equivalent of a coffee or two, can let these wonderful people know that you care and appreciate them. This could have an enormous positive impact on their lives, after an unimaginably difficult day or night. 

Please share this with anyone, you think would like to help. 

The NHS staff care for us, so this is one way we can show we care for them. 

Thank you so, so much.  Your donation will have a very positive impact and you can feel really good about that. 

Best wishes,

A mummy in remission (still here thanks to healthcare and now home-schooling two wonderful boys) 

PS, if you have any contacts from any of the supermarkets/Cash& Carry, please let me know. We can do this.





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