To make my children's first holiday with ne happen

by Philip Jennings in Hadley, England, United Kingdom

To make my children's first holiday with ne happen


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Our first holiday together.

by Philip Jennings in Hadley, England, United Kingdom

Three years ago I went through a terrible marriage split after a 15 years together and a mere 6 months of marriage that completely bowled me over and caused me two nervous breakdowns pretty much straight away.Its took me a long time to get in a happy place and I'm still learning to enjoy life again upto this very day,my inspiration being my children who really do give me that get up and go while not being aware.I recently booked our first holiday together since the split and my children are more than excited to say the least!!!,to me it's not just a holiday it's a big step in my recovery and a big thank you to my children for always being there and helping me smile again.I work in construction and I work extremely hard but a catalogue of events have put our holiday in danger,the holiday has been booked for the 25th of August for a week and I have paid a third of what the balance costs with a view to paying the remainder by the deadline of the 11th August but as I say unfortunately through no fault of my own I have lost some time at work due to a third party and I'm so worried now we will have to cancel.I normally get by on nothing and dont ask for help as I would rather help others.I recently completed a charity skydive funded by myself  in aid of Hope House children's hospice,I didn't raise as much as I hoped for but I managed to raise funds and that's what counts,as I stated I paid for the dive my self so as not to subsidise it with the donations received.This was all in my budget but due to the unwanted time off work this has now shown a shortfall in the funds required to complete our holiday.My charity work is continuing next April when I'm planning to complete a bi-plane wing walk in Essex,again this will be funded by me so the charity can receive 100% of any donations Earlier this year I also raised money for cancer research by keeping my xmas tree up for six months after xmas,it wasnt a substantial amount but it all helps and one of the best bits about it was how my youngest child would wear her xmas jumper most weekends she was here with me!!!.I never ask for help as I get my happy from helping others instead.I've become stressed about the situation I am in and I cant stand the thought of letting the kids down now at such a late stage,originally it was planned to just buy some holiday clothes from Primark nothing flash etc but we can get by with what we have in their wardrobes it's the holiday that is my main worry.If anyone could spare a thought to my request I would be eternally grateful,thank you for taking time to read this,Phil...

Let's make 'To make my children's first holiday with ne happen' happen

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