To keep me alive

To keep me alive

Ive having issue keeping my health stable

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

so i suffer wive ptsd and i am not a vet so i find it hard to find the help i need as there isnt anything out there to really apart from the nhs but they are kind of useless

ive been having a battel wive the dwp for pip and is been 11 mouth on going

i dont go out as i am scare to

i dont really have any mates as ive been stab in the back to meny times

my plead here is to help me get the help i need as i am at rick of loseing my home coz of my money dosent cover everthing

and as it comes to the day i feel there is only one way out of this shit life

to inform if i didnt have my cat i would be dead allready