To help Sasa’s setters

To help Sasa’s setters

We are aiming to raise £1800 to cover ongoing expenses to keep these dogs safe till homes found for them and also to pay back huge vet debts

£1,258 raised of £1,800 target 70 %
45 supporters 13 days left
This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 3:08pm 7th October 2018

This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 3:08pm 7th October 2018

My love of the setters is going back to many years but only 4 years ago that I could have my first ever rescue setter. They are sadly severely mistreated in mainland europe as they are used for hunting and if they are not good often killed or purposefully abandoned in remote locations. These creatures are the most loving and loyal dogs - I have 3 of them! 

I started to volunteer for a charity here in the UK caring for Setters and many of their rescuers but our founds just don't stretch far enough. 

I got to know Sasa personally who is a devoted animal rescuer and now often called for her help across the balkan if a Setter is found in dire need. 

She uses her own personal money and the one she receives from adoptions to care for these dogs and nurse them back to health. She has many dogs in her care. Now over 25 dogs across several counties and not to mention her own personal dogs of 10! On average just the kennel fee is around £45-50 per month per dog. She only has about 3 of her dogs sponsored. But only about 2-3 adoptions a month so you do the math. 

She also pays for their vet care and neutering/spaying and prepare them for travel. 

Sasa needs our help as her debt is mounting and I ask you to share this far and wide as she has more and more requests for help. As I am typing this she is collecting 3 more dogs. 2 from a horrible pound where dogs are not get fed or treated. the other one was recently captured being on the street for nearly a year. 

The hunting season has kicked off and this time of the year the abuse and neglect of these hunting dogs are hitting the roof.

Please please donate as much or little you so she can carry on helping these dogs. 

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