To help me with my business

To help me with my business

To help me continue with my business as a sole trader

We did it!

On 7th Jul 2017 we successfully raised £195 with 15 supporters in 22 days

I am a man in my late 40s ,And was  was medically retired due to the health issues. I am not entitled to any state benefits due to my partners wages being just over the threshold to what the goverment has said we need to live on..I suffer from Crohns disease and Depression & mental health issues,The only help i did recieve was PIP ,Personal Independence payment which was is not means tested,I thought i would try and work for myself,Something that i could do even when i was not feeling very well and thought working from home as a online seller of clothing and goods would be ideal,Last year I found a scheme that would help me set up,And went ahead and completed the whole scheme,Late last year i launched as a sole trader after taking out a loan to help me get what i required and to buy my first lot of clothing/items to sell  ,It started very well and i found i was starting make some money and was offering clothing and goods at affordable prices and my business started to flourish,but in Feb of this year i had to attend a medicial assesment for PIP and they found me to be well enough for normal work and stopped my PIP payments ,the  consequences meant that my income had dramatically been reduced and i struugled to pay of the loan and other bills,After three months i finally had my PIP awarded back once they had seen all my evidence from my GP and Hospital,but i coud no longer continue with my business ..My credit rating went from being healthy to being poor as i struggled to pay for all my bills,so no bank or normal loan companys would help ,I am asking people to help me get back on my feet again as i know  i can make this work and i can contribute back into society ...I hope, if i reach my target, to offer those who donated a discount or offers on any items they buy as a thank you.As i approach my late 40s i want to make something with my life, as i deal with my illness i dont wont to be a burden on the state and i wont to prove to both myself and others that even with a illness you can still work hard and make something happen....In the meantime ,thank you for taking the time to read my Project.

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