To become a Norland Nanny

To become a Norland Nanny

I am hoping to attend Norland College for Nannies in Bath this September for a four year study program.

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To become a Norland Nanny

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I am hoping to attend Norland College for Nannies in Bath this september for a four year study program. Norlands ( is a well known reputable further education provider and has very strict entry requirements. In the summer 2014 I was fortunate enough post interview to recieve one of the limited 75 places which are available at Norlands this next joining year. There were over 500 applicants and 150 were interviewed.

Unfortunatly, although this has always been a dream of mine it does come at a high price. Norlands is a private university and therefore student finance (goverment grants) are not obliged to fund over 50% of the fees. Unlike other universities who's fees are still very high at £9,000. Norland charges are £13,146 per year and for a total of four years. Because both of my parents work,even though my mum has only just finished training in a new job and my dad is self employed we have been rejected for any additional help with the Norland bursery because we are not in reciept of benefit. 

This could potentially mean that I am now unable to take the place I have worked so hard to achieve. On top of the fees I also have to pay for accommodation as they do not have halls being in Bath. This too comes at a price of £550 pcm.

It seems very unfair that because we are in a very highly deprived area we are always short changes because of the limited job opportunities for ourselves and our parents. Surely everyone deserves the same chance in life regardless of the place in the country that we live?

This seems quite unusual asking strangers to support my journey but i am not sure I will be able to go otherwise and that is not a fight I am willing to give up at the moment.



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