To be a flight instructor with a training aircraft

by Flight Instructor Rating in Prestwick, Scotland, United Kingdom

To be a flight instructor with a training aircraft
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The aim is to build up hours and get my rating to be a flight instructor, there is no greater satisfaction then seeing a student flying away

by Flight Instructor Rating in Prestwick, Scotland, United Kingdom

It's expensive to become a pilot. I done that part and it took its financial toll, I would like to help other young dreamers that would like to fly. My idea is to start a one to one flying school making sure that the student can get his / her pilots' licence efficiently and quickly, hence reducing the costs. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a young person coming with minimum knowledge then leaving better than oneself. I have craved job satisfaction all my life and this would be the ultimate satisfaction. I am trying to raise money to buy myself a training aircraft, firstly to get my own hours and get my rating, then use it to teach others. It doesn't just have to be money, if you have a single piston engine aircraft that you do not use and willing to let me borrow it, I will be grateful. 

I am not asking a lot of money from an individual, but a little money from a lot of individuals. I looked at finance companies and the interest rate that is being charged is unbelievable. I will except a no interest loan as well. I am also happy to hear your ideas, but most important of all the target is to be able to teach students at half the price they would usually have to pay. I would hate the idea that future pilot jobs are just for the privileged. 



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