TM Sidhi Yogic Flying Course

TM Sidhi Yogic Flying Course

To raise enough money to complete the Yogic Flying block of my TM Sidhi Course.

We did it!

On 25th Jul 2015 we successfully raised £275 with 3 supporters in 19 days

Project aim

To raise enough money to complete the Yogic Flying block of my TM Sidhi Course.

About the project

Dear Friends and Family,

When I left Maharishi School in Fairfield in 2008, I left behind the chance to do the Sidhis as part of the MSAE school curriculum. Throughout my education in the UK, I continued my TM programme and learned advanced techniques. Last September I took part in the David Lynch Young Meditators Course in Greece. It was a fantastic taster for what a Sidhi Course would be like; blissful, coherent group meditations and wonderful knowledge from Raja Peter and Maharishi's tapes. At that point I knew I wanted to do the sidhis but it seemed like a distant goal.

In September, at the beginning of university at King’s College London, I was given an unexpected opportunity to start the Sidhi course. Now having completed almost the entire course, all that is left is the flying block at the end of July!  Here's where I'm hoping you could help! I have to raise £500 to cover my accommodation, food, and teaching over the two week course. If any one of my dear and wonderful friends and family, feels moved to support my evolution as a Sidha, and help me advance on the same journey that many have taken before me, I would be so appreciative. Any small amount you can give will help me reach my goal. Donations are welcome in any form, and for simplicity, I have linked my Paypal on the right.

In the spirit of giving, not just receiving, I’d like to offer something back to you, if you so desire - a small framed print from my portfolio, or perhaps a photographic service you might need - a family portrait, pets or business need? Part-time photography is how I am paying my way through uni and I feel this is the best way to show my personal appreciation to you.

With love and thanks,



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