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by TL Multimedia in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, United Kingdom


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We are back to work and reopening our studio. We also want to make a documentary film about the affects of the COVID lock-down on Tyneside.

by TL Multimedia in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

If we reach our stretch goal we will be able to shoot and edit with a bigger team for a longer amount of time and/or use more advanced camera kit. While the length of the documentary may stay the same, the quality of the final production will be much higher. We will also have the funds to produce more advanced titles and screen graphics.

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TL Multimedia has made an initial return to the studio. We have made some adaptations to the recording space in order to permit safer recordings. And we are also offering some more services such as remote conference filming and streaming.


In addition to our usual services we are also looking to develop independent documentary films. It is for this reason that we are raising funds with this Crowdfunder. So after producing some short micro-documentaries earlier in the year we are planning to make a more in-depth film about some local communities...

"Lock-down upon Tyne" Synopsis

Director: Tim Lozinski
Genre: Observational Documentary
Runtime: 30 Mins
Format: 2K/HD Digital Cinema
Location: Tyneside, N/E England

"Lock-down upon Tyne" will document the impact of the 2020 COVID lock-down on individuals and groups based on Tyneside. The specific focus will be on how the lock-down affected groups and communities which normally rely on meeting in person.

The film will include interviews with members of various community groups on these key themes:

  • How communities and individuals within them have been affected by lock-down isolation.
  • How they have adapted to the circumstances in their various ways.
  • Challenges faced in continuing to function as communities.
  • Challenges faced by individuals having been separated from their community group.
  • How individuals and leaders feel about how to move forward from 2020.

We will look to include the following as potential subjects:

  • Refugee groups settled in the North East (ie communities of Iranian asylum seekers).
  • Disabilities support organisations and their service users/members.
  • Food bank staff/volunteers and (where sensitively possible) perhaps service users. 
  • Faith leaders and members of their communities.
  • Education leaders and their teams.
  • Home and international students of one or more local education establishment.
  • People affected by furlough and/or unemployment.
  • Business/Start-up support and networking organisations and communities.
  •  Local authority support teams.

The narrative is expected to start by introducing various individuals and community leaders. We will hear from each in their own words how they express their various identities and how they initially reacted to the lock-down.

This will form a key point of drama where the sudden halt to any in-person contact or organisational activities led to potential crises.

As the various stories unfold we will explore the highs and lows of trying to respond and function in what was, and still is, uncharted territory. We will see how funding, finances and other resources became limited to everyone. We will also explore the human costs involved. Key areas of the narrative will surround physical, emotional, mental and also spiritual challenges faced by the various characters. We hope that a range of positives as well as negatives will be part of the story.

The conclusion of the documentary will involve looking to the future. Each of the main characters will voice their concerns, doubts, hopes and aspirations for how their life and community will be in future. One contextual backdrop is likely to be Christmas and New Year 2020, which is likely to be very different from previous years.

Overall the stories are likely to be emotionally tense but we hope the conclusion will be uplifting and inspirational for most people. We want to present a realistic portrayal of how communities flourish or founder in moments of great hardship.

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