Come Play Charades #TLGuessCreateDonate

We invite you to play a giant game of charades with us, raising money to give more young people the opportunity to access our youth theatre.

We did it!

On 29th Dec 2016 we successfully raised £800 of £800 target with 26 supporters in 28 days

Travelling Light Youth Theatre invite you play charades this Christmas! #TLGuessCreateDonate to give three young people, a year-long youth theatre experience.

Everything you give will be DOUBLED £ for £, as part of Arts Council England’s Catalyst Evolve programme.

About Our Youth Theatre

Rain or shine, Travelling Light Youth Theatre (TLYT) welcomes around 60 young people each week from across Bristol. At Travelling Light young people are at the heart of what we do, and we aim to create an accessible, safe and exciting space, empowering young people aged 4-19 through the arts.

We are based in Lawrence Hill, which is among the 10% most deprived wards nationally. 46% of children in our local area live in income deprived households, and research shows these children often feel socially isolated. Services like TLYT can be a lifeline for them, and has proved to be more than just a fun space to learn new skills and be creative.  We offer support and advice to participants who might be facing challenges in their lives (e.g. bullying, self-esteem, pressured home life), giving them a space to feel safe, try out new things and meet others outside their usual social circles. Here's what participants have to say:

"You can be yourself and you’re never alone here, there's other children learning as well as you."

"Not only do you get experience of acting and the industry but you get life experience, meeting new people and confidence."

Why we need your support

Funding from Arts Council England and Bristol City Council allows us to subsidise fees by 60%, to keep costs low and accessible and our doors open to all. Yet public funding for the arts faces risk of dramatic reductions, and we now also look to campaigns to raise money.  The arts are continuing to be cut from school curriculums, which will mean even less young people will have access to creativity. If you believe in the importance of the arts, to discuss, debate, challenge, inspire, don't let it be just for those who can afford it, but help us to offer these opportunities to everyone.

In order to subsidise and provide bursaries as much as we do, as well as funding from Arts Council England and Bristol City Council we need further support. Many of you brilliantly answered the call when our Youth Board ,(made up from elected members of the Youth Theatre group for ages 7-19), asked for support for the #ActPlayBe campaign which raised a staggering £1,300.  This money went towards increasing demand for 50% bursaries for families, as well as outreach and publicity for the youth theatre. The proportion of members on bursaries is increasing every year, and this year we have found we also need to offer the option of fully funded places, to those who simply cannot afford to pay.

This Christmas Izzy, Liwanu, Zedd, Lily, Scarlet, Jacob, Naomi and Madeleine from our Youth Board have helped us create a giant game of charades, to tell more people about their youth theatre, and raise money for three fully-funded places in youth theatre for one whole year. They made the hashtag #TLGuessCreateDonate.

Don’t forget - everything we raise will be DOUBLED £ for £, as part of Arts Council England’s Catalyst Evolve programme.

So how do I join in with Charades?

It’s very simple just follow these steps

  • Use a phone to make a short charade of a book/film/play or song
  • Upload your charade to social media, TAG us and invite people to GUESS
  • Invite others to CREATE their own and DONATE by sending a link to this page!
  • Don’t forget to use the hashtag #TLGuessCreateDonate
  • As well as making your charade, please make sure to DONATE


We’ll say it again – everything you give will be doubled! £1 will be £2, £10 will be £20, and 2 partridges in a pear tree…

For more information about our Youth Theatre groups, just click this link.

Or contact Giulia: / 0117 9031649.

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