'Tiwala' works with TEN Foundations helping alleviate poverty in the Philippines by providing employment to benefit the whole community.

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On 26th Feb 2015 we successfully raised £800 of £800 target with 11 supporters in 28 days

Please help us send our volunteers to the Philippines! 


‘Tiwala’ is a new project which was established through Enactus and works in collaboration with the charity ‘TEN Foundations’. It is based within rural regions of the Philippines, namely Balayan, and our aim focuses on poverty alleviation achieved through a new livelihood program which will be based on the creation and selling of soap. The outcome of this project is to use the profit generated from sales to facilitate paid employment for those involved in the scheme and provide funding for the childrens shelter which has been established by TEN Foundations.


Our aim is not to simply provide soap, but to empower members of the community with the new skill set necessary to create it themselves, preventing the spread of disease through the use of such a simple product. Women will be trained to make soap which will be sold at local markets, providing a basic necessity to the community and a form of stable employment which previously would not have existed. We hope for this to be a very popular product when sold, fulfilling the needs of the community in an ethical and inexpensive way. In the future we aim to extend this to encompass the tourist market in larger towns, providing an aesthetically pleasing product underpinned with a socially-conscious story.


The existence of a donation scheme will also be implemented in this project. With each weekly wage, all members of the program will receive enough bars of the soap to sustain the needs of their family, helping to instill a sense of pride within the project as those involved will be physically able to utilize the product they have created.


In order to execute this project successfully, it is essential we receive funding to send our volunteers to the Philippines and your help will make this possible. Through fundraising events and competitions we have successfully raised enough money for one person’s travel expenses, but it is important that we raise more.


Thank you in advance for any and all generous donations you give, we couldn’t do this without you!






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