Tiverton & Honiton Green Party Election Campaign

Tiverton & Honiton Green Party Election Campaign

We are seeking to raise the £200 to contribute towards our general election campaign in the Tiverton Honiton and Axminster Constituency.

We did it!

On 5th May 2015 we successfully raised £200 of £200 target with 10 supporters in 28 days

Project aim

We are seeking to raise the £200 to contribute towards our general election campaign in the Tiverton Honiton and Axminster Constituency.

The money raised will go someway to support the running costs of the election campaign as the Green Party relies solely on funding from individuals rather than corporations.

The cost of standing a constituency candidate is £500 and that is before any real campaign work can begin.

Every penny we can raise through this Crowdfunder project will go directly towards campaign costs from registration fees to flyer costs.


About the Candidate

Paul Edwards is 66, semi retired and works casually for a local authority. He is married and lives in Mid Devon.

He was born in the UK but was brought up and educated in Australia. He returned to the UK in 1991.

Paul has a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Economics. He also has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Asian History.

The bulk of Paul’s experience has been in the Voluntary  Sector. He has worked as a Community Projects Officer for the then Community Council of Devon. Prior to that, he was Policy  Officer for South West Forum and Administration Manager for the South West Area Office of the National Association of Citizens Advice Bureau, (now Citizens' Advice).

Paul began his career in as a Health Education Officer. Later he worked and in academia as a university tutor and as a research assistant. Prior to that, he was an executive in the aviation industry.

Paul came to the environmental movement via his involvement in the Nuclear Free and Independent Pacific movement in Australia. The devastation wreaked by the French nuclear tests directly the ecology of Muraroa Atoll and more generally on the ocean and the surrounding islands of the Pacific alerted him to the immense potential for human activity to massively impact on the global ecology.

Paul sees the biggest issue for Tiverton and Honiton Constituency, and the UK as a whole, as the Tory privatisation and cuts to the NHS for example the proposed cuts to hospital beds in Axminster. This constituency like many others in the south west includes many people who depend on cost free access to the NHS for their health and continued wellbeing.


Policy Points


  • Halt privatisation of the NHS
  • Bring the rsilways back into public ownership and stop cuts to public transport.
  • Bring the national grid back into public ownership.
  • Build more affordable andenergy efficient homes.
  • End the move to turn all local schools into academies.
  • Ban Fracking and develop sustainable energy.
  • End Trident and its multi billion cost to the country.
  • Collect the billions lost in company tax avoidance.
  • Support producers of local food, energy, products and services.
  • Collect local taxes and spend them on local services.
  • Develop effective policies to combat climate change.
  • Protect and preserve our local wildlife and countryside.


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