Tipsy Cow

Tipsy Cow

THE UK'S FIRST ALCOHOL ICE CREAM PARLOUR ... Needs YOU! It's FULL fat!, It DOES contain alcohol! Why not life as an adult needs some treats

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


Yes, you did read right!


It's FULL fat!,

It DOES contain alcohol!


Why not, life as an adult needs some naughty but nice treats.


Having enjoyed ice cream of varying values, flavours and origins over our combined 52 year's journey, it was decided that children will no longer hold the right to be more excited about ice cream.


At Tipsy Cow, a range of flavours welcome ....

Dad's to shed the stress of the day before returning home with 'Dad's Other Love',

Mum's the opportunity to pretend they are somewhere exotic with 'Mum's Indulgence'

A flavour for all to enjoy with 'Till the cow's come home'

Share a saucy secret, have a gossip with 'Girls Girls Girls'

Forget the children, put down the iron, its time for 'G & T'


We said we needed you ... heres your chance to bring Tipsy Cow to a high street near you.


Each investor will automatically have their name added to our 'Wall of Fame - The People Who Helped'