TippyTalk Communication device for Autism

TippyTalk "a communication device that allows non-verbal children and adults translate pictures into text messages" .

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

 My Name is Rob Laffan, My daughter Sadie was diaganosed with autism 3 years ago iand she is non-verbal. I returned to edcuation late in life and for my final year project I created a device that allows Sadie to communicate her desires wants needs and feelings out to the world around her. Sadie views the world around her visually and the device allows her to transfer pictures into readable text messages.

The very first text Sadie sent to me was one day when I left the house to go and buy some chips. My wife and I had a discussion about what to buy her at the chip shop and we decided onion rings would sufice for Sadie. Sadie overheard the conversation and when I arrived at the chip shop she had used the device "TippyTalk" to send me a text message that said "Hi Daddy I want chicken nuggets".

I cannot put into words the sheer joy I felt at that moment when my non-verbal daughter finally expressed what I know to this day was her first words.

I now want to be able to delevier the same joy to other parents like me and to help these beautiful members of our society open up a channel of communication that has never been tapped into before.

Just a little example of Sadies messages, As each day passes she communicates more and more feelings.

Device will be a dedicated touch rugged touch screen device that is communication purpose only.