Tiny Vampires

We're raising money to help fund our indie game "Tiny Vampires"!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

We're raising money to help fund our indie game 'Tiny Vampires'.




Ever wondered why red pens aren't seen often? Well, allow me to enlighten you. After the office closes, and everyone has gone home, tiny vampires emerge from the shadows and begin a journey to harvest the tasty red ink. Yes, really. But they must do this in the short time before the cleaner, who is hell-bent on the destruction of the vampire race, arrives! 'Tiny Vampires' is a puzzle adventure game which enables you to manipulate objects in the world to cast shadows, helping your little friends avoid harmful sunlight, and achieve the sweet nectar of life that is red pens. Appease the miniature monsters!



Mechanics and gameplay

 'Tiny Vampires' is a puzzle game in which the player can move 3D objects in the environment by clicking and dragging them. By moving the objects in the scene, the player can change the location of the shadows that are cast by the objects, which act as a "safe zone" for the vampires to cross the screen and complete the level.


The Team

We are a small team of students from Sheffield, South Yorkshire. We decided to begin a crowd funder project as we felt this was a fantastic way to not only spread awareness of the game we are developing, but to also to raise the money we would need in order to complete it!



Our funding goal is £2,000 and with this money we will be able to buy licensing software for commercial use, apply for Steam Greenlight, and also any development kits needed.





~* Updates *~


Mini Environment/Level concept to show the look and feel of the game!