Tiny Toes - Soft Play

Tiny Toes - Soft Play

To raise enough money, for the equipment needed to create a much needed soft play group for parents within Redruth.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hi! My name is Alix, I'm a mum of an almost 2 year old and have been living in Redruth for almost a year. 

With such a inquisitive and playful toddler I realised there was a lack of a local and regular, soft play facility for parents with young children aged 0-4 years.

Turns out the closest is over a mile outside of Redruth.

Then came the idea of Tiny Toes, a soft play group easily accessed by parents living in Redruth. Within walking distance of the town centre, and run on a regular basis, aimed at parents with children from newborn to 4 years old.

The aim is to initally run the group twice a week, with two, one hour session on each day, at £1 per session. If there is a lot of interest then we would look at running 6 sessions a week as to 4, to ensure that it can be accessed to its greatest potential. 

We see this group being part of the local community for parents, somewhere that they can meet other parents, swap stories, and give advice. It will also allow younger children to play with others and meet new friends. 

We have found a great location which is just a the bottom of the town centre, so easy walking distance for those who may not drive. 

We are looking to raise £500 for the set up equipment (ball pools, toys etc) and any help whatever the amount would be greatly welcomed! 

Thank you :)