Tinnitus Art Retreat & Cultural Learning in Spain

by Tinnitus Art Retreat in Villalonga, Valencia, Spain

Tinnitus Art Retreat & Cultural Learning in Spain
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To build and create 'The Tinnitus Art Retreat' Offering new skills and techniques to help combat the effects of tinnitus and hyperacusis.

by Tinnitus Art Retreat in Villalonga, Valencia, Spain

Tinnitus is a very serious condition that i know only so well.

My name is Giles Howell and going back 3 years i was involved in a serious rta on the m25 motorway.

I was impacted at great speed which subsequently destroyed my van and quite seriously injured my neck and back. I also received a bang to my head which later was believed to be the cause of my new system error...

Three days after the crash I started to be  aware of the noises... I think everyone can relate to how your ears feel after going to a loud concert or party - the dreaded ringing...#

However two days pass and still i can hear a high pitched 'eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee' Becoming more consciously aware of my new problem , I go to the GP to see what he thinks and if there were any remedies.

To my amazement there was no cure or direct treatments available. 

Now I was getting stressed because as each day finishes I was finding it more and more difficult to get to sleep.

My wife doesn't like to have any TV's etc on  and sleeps in complete silence as did I, but now I found myself falling asleep on the sofa.

Moving forwards three years I can safely say that my mental health was tested to the limits and almost broke me. My back and neck still weren't right but getting there after many physio appointments

I was diagnosed with serious tinnitus with catastrophic effects on my daily life. I was also tested  for Hyperacusis which revealed I could hear distant whispers @ 5 db- which is very low and any noise above 80 db was very uncomfortable for me. So in a nut shell I now had cat ears... Everthing was louder  - just horrible!

I have tried every form of treatment in a bid get back in control... Nothing worked so that's why I designed a  tried and tested system to combat the debilitating effects of Tinnitus and Hyperacusis.

To be able to offer my services we are looking to rent or possible buy a village house in Villalonga near the foothills of the Safor Mountain Range.

We aim to teach different aspects of art,  phycology, meditation and relaxation over a 1/2 week courses which will give the user the tools to take care of business and stay in control... 

We will offer these courses to people suffering from Tinnitus free of charge. All they have to do is get to us...

We guarantee  you will feel amazing and in complete control when you leave.


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£500 Reward

3 days stay at our retreat with choice of courses to take. Valencian Cooking classes, Mountain yoga or perhaps a sculpture class...

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