Tinkebu – handcrafted sustainable wooden toys

Handcrafted sustainable wooden toys and kids' furniture. Help turn our start-up idea into a reality and plant some trees in the process.

We did it!

On 28th Mar 2018 we successfully raised £2,173 of £2,000 target with 37 supporters in 14 days

New stretch target

We are absolutely delighted to have reached our initial target. Enormous thanks to everyone who has pledged or supported along the way. We have now set ourselves a stretch target - anything we raise over and above our £2000 target will be spent on setting up our own website and online shop.  


About Tinkebu

Tinkebu make sustainable, stylish and handcrafted wooden toys and kids' furniture.  Our contemporary designs are inspired by our Cornish home; lovingly (and robustly) handmade, to be passed down from generation to generation. 

In an age of throw-away plastics we want to do things more responsibly. That's why we make everything from reclaimed and sustainably-sourced materials. Each wooden toy is perfectly imperfect and has its own unique character. 

For every toy you buy we plant a tree through our partner charity One Tree Planted.

More toys and more trees in the world.  What's not to like?

Come and play with us

We are at the start of a very exciting journey with Tinkebu and want to gather some eager backers,  keen to join us along the way. We are offering the opportunity to get your hands on some of our toys as well as a limited number of unique opportunities to create your own slice of Tinkebu history. By pledging for one of our rewards you will help us to take the next step.  

The money raised will help us design, develop and build a number of new products as well as support us in getting our full range out there and into some tiny toddler hands.

Specifically the money raised will be spent on:

  • Materials and equipment (£400)
  • Safety testing for the new toys developed (£500)
  • Attendance at a national trade show later in 2018 (£1100)

Anything we raise over and above our £2000 target will be spent on setting up our own website and online shop.

Let the fun begin 

We are offering a range of rewards for our generous backers. A chance to grab some of our limited edition toys and never before made products for kids (big and small). All pledges include UK shipping and for every toy we make we will also plant a tree through our partner charity One Tree Planted. 

All our products are inspired by the county we live in and come with bags of character. We make everything by hand using reclaimed and sustainably sourced wood, finished with child-safe paints and waxes. 

Tinkebu Tester Tractors (£13)

Your chance to re-home one of the first few tractors we ever made. The testers, the misfits and the rejects. All of these function perfectly but may have a scratch, a scuff, a bump, worn tyre tread or a slightly wonky wheel. It's a lucky dip on colours too. Wrapped in tissue paper and a personal thanks from team Tinkebu. 
Suitable for 10 months+ (D=10cm x 7.5cm x 9cm)

Push-along Campervan (£18)

These neat classic campers are durable yet lightweight. Of course the wheels do as wheels should and move. Painted in five vibrant colours. 
Suitable for 10 months+ (D=9cm x 7cm x 6cm)

Tinkebu Tractor (£20)

Lovingly handcrafted push-along tractor. Ready to plough some fun with spinning wheels and available in five vibrant colours. 
Suitable for 10 months+ (D=10cm x 7.5cm x 9cm)

Roller-cow (£49)

Watch little ones fall in love with their new best friend, Angus, the baby highland cow. Robust and made from reclaimed wood and the softest faux fur, he is the ultimate companion. Navy blue pull-along chord. 
Suitable for 1 year+ (D=33cm x 15cm x 20cm)

Roller-sheep (£49)

Our newest member of the herd, Tinkerbell. We haven't made one of these yet so don't even have pictures to show (!) but she will be a similar shape and scale to Roller-cow and we know little ones will love her. 
Suitable for 1 year+ (D=33cm x 15cm x 20cm)

Baby Gym (£60)

Not for adults. Perfect for hanging your little one's favourite toys from. Easy fold away for storing or transportation. We are also throwing in a mini hanging Tinkebu Campervan.  (D=65cm x 55cm)

Tinkebu Toddler Trio (£85)

Plump for this reward to receive the perfect trio of our toddler toys. This reward will include:

  • Push-along Campervan (choose from our 5 colours)
  • Tinkebu Tractor (choose from our 5 colours)
  • Roller-cow

Footstool (£149)

OK, so you haven't got anyone to buy a toy for, well why not treat yourself to this charming, unique footstool. Inspired by our highland cow rocker, this is the ultimate accessory you didn't know you needed, perfect for any sitting room. Made entirely from reclaimed wood, finished with the softest faux fur and a padded foam top.   (D=55cm x 40cm x 28cm). 


Highland Cow Rocker (£199)

With thick soft brown fur and a shaggy fringe, Hamish makes a wonderful playtime companion and addition to any child's room. Sturdy solid wooden frame and handles, padded seat and a supersoft coat for a comfortable ride. Suitable for 1 year+, but a family friend for life. 
(D=60cm x 30cm  x 35cm)

The Bespoke Rocker (£450)

Two limited opportunities for your own bespoke design rocking animal. Work with us on a bespoke design for your little one. We're open to ideas and keen to work with you on something special.  We'll meet or Skype and talk through exactly what you're after. Who knows, maybe help create a little slice of Tinkebu history. The size and scale will be in line with our rocking highland cow, therefore suitable for toddlers aged 1 year+.

The Ultimate Rocker - for big kids (£800)

A one-off version of our classic rocking highland cow made to be ridden by adults. We've had requests before but never yet made it. This will be the perfect toy for the person whose inner child is still strong or just the ultimate thing to watch TV from. It's a whopper and we'll work with you every step of the way to ensure it's the perfect (if not slightly unique) fit for your home. Let's meet, have a beer, get your leg measurements and create something truly unique. 

The Story

Tinkebu was founded by Jaime Tinker. Jaime lives and works in Cornwall with his wife (Natty), toddler daughter (Tabitha) and imminent second child (due 20th March...during this campaign). For a number of years – and true to his name – Jaime has been tinkering with wood. More recently gaining joinery qualifications and in 2017 launching the business.

"Surrounded by friends and family having babies, I found myself beginning to make toys and furniture as gifts. This need grew with the arrival of our first child, and our reluctance to fill our house (and landfills) with garish plastic. Every product is lovingly handmade in our workshop at home in Cornwall. Because of this, each piece is unique, and unlike so many plastic toys that end up in our lofts or just thrown away, we hope they remain in your family for a long time to come.

The name Tinkebu was born from one of the endless discussions my wife and I had about how we could combine our surnames (Tinker and Buist) after marriage. Despite being affectionately known as the Tinkebu’s we never made it official. We knew immediately however that it was the perfect name for our wooden toys."



Some comments from our very first few customers:

"Hi Tinkebu, just to say thanks for the baby gym, little Henry loves it and it is such good quality. Lovely finish on the paint too, would highly recommend to others. Cheers."

"I am now the proud owner of 'Hamish the Highland Cow', a foot stool handmade by @tinkebucornwall The craftsmanship is spot on and the simple design is elegant and shows quality. Great customer service. Thank you."

"Wilfred loves his highland cow. Thank you, Tinkebu ✨"

Thanks for reading and for your consideration in pledging. 

Team Tinkebu x

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