Timmo the Ganger & The Ten Week Challenge

by Timothy David Olsen in Winsford, England, United Kingdom

Timmo the Ganger & The Ten Week Challenge
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On 12th December 2019 we successfully raised £417 with 10 supporters in 63 days

To change the life of an entire village in Africa by supplying them with a well, a farmyard kit with chickens, goats & seeds and more!

by Timothy David Olsen in Winsford, England, United Kingdom

I'm overweight while millions of people around the world can't get enough food or clean water. That's just not right. I worked out that I was spending at least £25 a week on snacks and chocolate while some people around the world struggle on average wages of £2 a day. That's just not right either. I want to do something about it and I need your help.

On October 6th, I weighed myself and was shocked to see that I was hitting the scales at 19 Stone, 5 pounds (273 Pounds for my American friends.) Totally unacceptable. After a lot of soul searching, and several discussions with my wife Annmarie, I decided it was time to lose the weight and get fit and stay on target but I accepted that I would need some help. That's where you come in. I am going to do a sponsored slim for the Oxfam charity with the goal of losing 50 pounds by Christmas. By doing a sponsored slim with a specific goal, I would like to raise £500 in ten weeks and I will donate £25 each week that I successfully lose weight. If you would like to help me, think of it this way. If you were going to send me a Christmas card, donate the money to my page instead. Instead of having fast food, donate the money to my fundraiser instead. Empty your penny jar for me. £3 or £30 - No donation is too small (or too large) and together WE can do this.

The £500 raised would allow me to work with Oxfam to help an entire village in Africa!  The money raised would allow us to install a well so their village has clean water, provide them with the seeds, animals, tools and training so they can develop their own farm, supplying food for the Villagers and hopefully giving them enough to sell at the local market, give them six chickens so they can have a steady supply of eggs and two goats so they can provide milk for the children, and build and install a toilet block so their toilet facilities are clean and sanitary. All of that together will change their lives for the better ... and we can say WE did that.

I weighed myself on October 6th and the result is shown in the photo above. I will be weighing myself every Sunday and posting the results here. If I've lost weight, my £25 will go on the site. Can you help me to double that each week? Let's do some good ... together.

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