by Emanuele Angeloni in London, England, United Kingdom


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I want to help people buy at a fair price https://www.timestellar.com/

by Emanuele Angeloni in London, England, United Kingdom

I was working in Milan for a production shoot when I ran into an old school friend of mine walking down the street. Some time later he introduced me to the watch world, as he had become a professional watch dealer. He taught me all the ins and outs of this world and I soon started dealing watches with him. I immediately got hooked by the adrenaline of the job and the amazing feeling of handling incredibly rare watches. Shortly after though, I began to realize the key problem that most customers face when buying watches and jewellery: they always buy too high, since there is a huge price gap between the "grey market" and the "reseller" market. I decided to do something about it. So I moved to London and started TimeStellar, a price comparison and aggregator website for watches and jewellery. I figured that if users have more than 200 retailers to compare, they will be able to make better choices when buying. To complement this offering, I also created a free app that allows you to recognize your watch with just one picture, showing you the history of your watch, the make, the model, the reference number and the average market price. I work alongside two friends of mine, the developers of the platform.
With your money and support we will continue this project and we hope to be ready for market by January 2021.    


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