Times are changing (a working title)

Times are changing (a working title)

Times Are Changing (Working title) This is an indipendent production of an LGBT Documentary written by myself and funded by myself

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Times Are Changing (Working title)

This is an independent production of an LGBT Documentary written by myself and funded by myself and hopefully some helpful individuals


Im Demi Smith im a transgender female (Mtf) That currently lives in Borehamwood my journey to self discovery and life has led me to meet all different kinds of people and during and even to this day through my transition I have a lot of support from the LGBT community and particularly from older generations of LGBT, It was that that drove me to create a documentary out of gratification to the older LGBT communities and highlight the struggles some of them have faced what it was like growing up in a generation of intolerance and and religious extreme beliefs it's for this reason my aim and hope is too shoot a documentary staring myself as a presenter, two lesbians, one older one from a generation or two down , one transgender male (Ftm) with another younger Trans male

and an Trans/homophobic or anti-gay/trans organisation members today and in a previos generation and straight individuals from both age groups and it is my hope to have a two gay males from different age groups and interview each to find out what is has been like for them to come to terms with there sexuality or gender identity how family & friends reacted to the news and how living in dayly society feels and felt like and to compare the differences in societal evolution towards acceptance and now equality. I belive a generation that fought so hard to alow us to live in a society the way we can at present.

its this belief that has me striving to create the great documentary showing social evolution towards sexual preference and gender identity acceptance and equality and I will strive to produce this documentary with or without funding as I belive it needs to be highlighted and shared to the general public. One of the individuals I have scheduled to have an interview with to hear there stories has a lot of connections within the LGBT community capable of helping and providing various services and we also have connections in the BBC, although there are no plans involving the BBC at the moment but with the finished production we can make a proposal.


If if you are a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or straight person who wants to help support a fellow member of the LGBT community in bringing to light forgotten or troubling issues present or historical , now and im the future I strongly Urge you to consider donating to this cause and helping with a production of LGBT nature that will be a 360 degree view of different groups perception of our social evolution,



Demi Smith,


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