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Fund start up costs for Time to Talk U.K. - A supervised social media mental health support service run for and by sufferers, 7 days a week

by Katie Prentice in Linton, England, United Kingdom

There has been a lot of publicity aimed at stopping the stigma surrounding mental heath in recent years. A big part of this is feeling able to speak out about how we’re feeling with confidence and seek help.

Feedback from many sufferers indicated that they wanted to talk, but had no one to listen. Additionally, many people didn’t feel able to speak with their loved ones for various reasons. 

Time to Talk UK was therefore founded; a confidential social media based group for sufferers and carers to talk with others who understand. This has proved an invaluable resource, with many members saying it has helped them just to know that they aren’t alone.

About of Time to Talk UK;

1. The group has grown to nearly 1000 members.

2. Time to Talk UK is run by volunteers who live with mental heath conditions or care for those who do.

3. There is a moderator / emergency contact available for 13.5 hours a day, 7 days a week.

4. Time to Talk UK is extremely interactive. All members support each other and advice and emergency support is provided by the admin team if needed.

5. Time to Talk UK affects change. Victories are celebrated daily, self esteem exercises take place regularly, members have access to a library of member recommended resources and events such as Men’s Weekend regularly take place to encourage members to interact. The group is a community and care is continuous. No other forum does this.

6. Privacy and confidentiality is respected at all times. Strict policies and procedures are in place to ensure members are safe and protected.

7. Peer based support is not currently formally provided as part of a package for mental health care.

8. Time to Talk UK has grown from word of mouth. Charities such as Mind and GP Practices / CCGs have expressed an interest in referring a large number of people to the group. 

9. Time to Talk UK is an invaluable resource for sufferers who have no other support whilst on waiting lists for talking therapies. Also in the interim of medications taking effect.

Time to Talk UK is currently applying for charitable status. In order to enable growth and expansion of the services offered, intitial funding is needed.

A small selection of what Time to Talk UK hopes to achieve;

1. Produce a leaflet and a website for referrers and potential members.

2. Formalise membership with wristbands / pin badges showing it’s ok to speak out.

3. Expand the services provided within the group such as CBT based exercises, enabled by administrator training, to reach more people and effect real change.

4. Enable local and national meetings.

5. Encourage guest speakers to work with the group.

6. Produce newsletters / Time to Talk UK mood diaries and collections of work (such as artwork and poetry) by members.