Time to Act on Climate Change Youth Film

Time to Act on Climate Change Youth Film

A film to break down stereotypes, inspire young people onto the streets to call for climate action and make politicians listen!

We did it!

On 25th Nov 2015 we successfully raised £70 with 3 supporters in 28 days

In December, world leaders are going to gather in Paris to make a new deal to save the planet from climate change... or possibly not. 

Even though the situation is more and more urgent, global temperatures rising, in the negotiation rooms there's no sense of urgency. With pledges on the table falling far short of what's needed, it's not looking good.

Young people are the ones with the most at stake - perhaps only the voice of future generations can shake the apathy! On 29th November there will be a massive climate protest in London, and we need young people to be there. We know that they care, but the messages they get are that this sort of thing is not for them.

The youth film company Fully Focused have been working on a short film with the help of a well-known grime & spoken word artist Mic Righteous - we think it is really powerful and will challenge all these well-known stereotypes...

"Young people nowadays are apathetic, just consumers of fashion and the latest technology"

"Climate change is an issue for the middle class, middle aged and white"

"Protest marches are out-dated"

"Politicians can safely ignore young people"

The passion and determination of young people who see their future being bargained away by the older generation can break down all these myths, but first we need to reach out to them.

Climate Revolution have given generous support to the film - this crowdfunding appeal is to raise the last chunk of money so we can afford to take the final steps and get the film out there. Bite the Ballot (who campaign for youth political engagement) will use the video to build a lesson plan that will be distributed through schools and academies.

Any support is welcome! Payments will go to the Campaign against Climate Change - you can find out more about us on www.campaigncc.org

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