Time of the Month

Time of the Month

Helping homeless and socially isolated people in the Milton Keynes community with toiletries and sanitary items to improve personal hygiene

We did it!

On 23rd Mar 2017 we successfully raised £5 with 1 supporter in 56 days

I have always wanted to serve the homeless community after surviving homelessness for 4 years. Having overcome the experience I know that homelessness can happen to anyone at anytime and none is above it.

Now that my life has changed I decided that this is the perfect time for this dream to be realised and started actioning it three weelks ago. The response has been overwhelming and the project in it's first 21 days of operation has assisted many.

My aim is to provide hygiene and sanitary items to the following groups of people:

1. Homeless women and men

2. Socially isolated

3. Older/ Elderly and disabled adults who live on their own.

4. Mothers and babies in shelters

Items I aim to provide are:

1. Baby wipes

2. Baby Nappies and disposable bags

3. Toothpaste

4. Toothbrush

5. Sower gels and bath creme

6. Shampoo and Conditioner

7. Male and Female Undies (New)

8. Deodorant and sprays

Those who are homeless or socially challenged are also individuals who deserve love, respect, attention, care and access to maintaining good personal hygiene like every other individual deemed "normal".

They were born, they were raised, they have feelings, and like everyone else they too will one day die.

While they are in the situation in which they find themselves let's take a moment to add a special touch to their lives.

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