Time-lapses, Hyper-lapses + Cinematic Videography

Do you love Time-lapses, Hyper-lapses and Cinematic Videography? I will be hunting down the best locations across the UK to produce them.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Welcome to my Crowdfunder Page. This page is for those who love Time-lapses, Hyper-lapses and Cinematic Videography and those who want to produce their own short film from start to finish. All of the short films, Time-lapses, Hyper-lapses and Cinematic Videography made by me will be posted on my Phyx Productions YouTube Channel. I will also be happy to produce a short film for you, with a duration of 15 Minutes for the foreseeable future then progress up to a duration of 40 minutes per short film and even full length films some time in the future. With time, I hope this will be able to grow and evolve into something with more beauty and be more dynamic with time.


Why Crowdfunder?

Crowdfunder is a new and exciting way to connect with the public to get them involved with a project and start to build a community within a project.  Crowdfunder lets you support creators projects and lets the backers get involved with the project via a specific reward which they sign up to.

Phyx Productions is my small production YouTube Channel based in the UK and I do not do things by half. I will make sure that the content I produce and upload is as professional as it can be.


Where Does My Money Go?

This is the most important section as this will reasure you on where you're money is going. The table below gives you a breakdown on what the money will be spent on.

Money Breakdown

£5,000 for Video and Audio Equiptment,
£3,000 for One iMac,
TOTAL Price = £8,000

Video and Audio Equipment Includes,

One iMac,
One tripod per camera,
One Steadicam for DSLR Camera,
One Rode wireless Microphone,
And more related equiptment

All of these products are subjected to price fluctuation and even the products themselves may become unavailable at the time of purchase. If and when this happens, an equivelent product will be in its place. The total price is set at £8,000. This is due to the equiptment, travel to and from locations and the time that I spend making these videos.