Timber Framed Shelter for Community Cob Oven

Timber Framed Shelter for Community Cob Oven

We'd like to build a beautiful hand-crafted, timber-framed shelter for our new outdoor cob oven, which will be enjoyed by all our visitors.

We did it!

On 20th May 2015 we successfully raised £1,695 of £1,500 target with 52 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

If we're lucky enough to raise funds past our initial target of £1,500 then we have some more exciting plans to make the cob oven area even better.

We would spend the additonal funds on...

Wooden bench seating and/or picnic table for visitors to relax whilst waiting for their fresh pizzas to cook. Seats will look something like this picture below.

We'd also do some much needed Landscaping following the building work around the new shelter, including new planting of flowers and essential maintenance on the adjacent kids play area.

Lastly, we'd install some signage and interpretation on and around the shelter which would explain about the magic of building with cob. Our welcome sign could look something like this....


All this would make our new cob oven cooking area look even better! So, thank you for your continued support.

Project aim

We'd like to build a beautiful hand-crafted, timber-framed shelter for our new outdoor cob oven, which will be enjoyed by all our visitors at Denmark Farm Conservation Centre.

About the project

This summer, a community cob pizza oven will be constructed by volunteers from the Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens who have kindly agreed to support the construction of the oven itself as a training project. However, to protect the oven from the worst of the Welsh weather we need a shelter. So we thought we'd build something that embodies our principles and looks beautiful in the landscape. The shelter will be a traditional roundwood timber-frame design made completely from locally sourced, sustainable wood by a local co-operative of craftspeople. It will provide a valuable long-term resource for our site and the community with lots and lots of yummy pizzas and fresh bread for visitors of all ages.

The oven will be available to use by visitors to Denmark Farm at all kinds of events in the future. We're aiming to run 'cook and eat' training days, volunteer social events, open days and kids parties.

We're offering some great rewards in return for your support. For more information on these, just scroll down.

Above: Our beautiful 40 acre nature reserve at Denmark Farm, Wales. Photo credit for meadow, pond and boy go to Ross Hoddinot 2020VISION.

About Denmark Farm Conservation Centre

Established in 1987, the aim of the Shared Earth Trust at Denmark Farm Conservation Centre is to raise people's awareness of the natural world and biodiversity and promote the conservation of wildlife and habitats, using Denmark Farm as a living model of ecological restoration. We offer a range of opportunities for people to enjoy and learn more about nature: training courses; workshops; nature trails; venue hire and eco holiday accommodation. We are based in Lampeter, Ceredigion, in the heart of rural Wales.

We aim to reconnect people with the natural world, and what better way to do that than by sharing good, hand-made fresh food cooked in an earth oven?

You can find out more about our good work by visiting our website.

Above: Some great examples of cob ovens. Bottom-left photo courtesy of Matthew Lloyd.

So, What Is Cob?

If you're asking this very question then we suggest you head over to The Fabulous Cob Oven Company website where Matthew Lloyd, who will be lending his expertise to the build, says:

"Cob is a material with a clean conscience. Using the clay from under our feet, mixed with sand and straw, it has been a staple building material to millions across the globe for millennia. In the Americas they call it adobe. No energy-hungry cement is used in the mix, and no machinery is required for construction. This is a truly accessible and sustainable method of building that connects us to our environment, and nourishes both our soul and our body."

Above: Well it's not much to look at yet, but there will be a lovely view whilst your pizza cooks away. This is the spot where the cob oven shelter will be built.

Above: The design for the roundwood timber frame shelter - looking good!

Above: The design for the cob oven and plinth which will alsop be used for community barbequeing.


With your generous help we can complete this fantastic project. Take a look at the rewards we're offering in return for your support.

From James, Mara and everyone at Denmark Farm.


Support Us and Get Fantastic Rewards!

As well as the satisfaction of supporting our local charitable project, you'll also get the added bonus of earning some exclusive rewards.


All donors will receive a voucher for a complimentary, fresh and tasty cob oven-cooked pizza at one of our community events over the 2015 season. Who could say no to that?!


For each £10 that you donate you will receive a ticket for our Prize Draw which will be drawn at the end of the campaign. There's some great prizes to be had:

1st Prize

A week (7 nights) for up to 4 people to stay in our beautiful Eco Lodge accommodation, worth up to £520.00! Our unique self-catering Eco Lodge provides comfortable accommodation for couples, families and groups with an added bonus that holidays at Denmark Farm are as sustainable as can be.

2nd Prize

A long weekend (3 nights) for 2 people to stay in our beautiful Eco Lodge accommodation, worth up to £250.00!

3rd Prize

One year membership of the Shared Earth Trust (Denmark Farm supporters) for an individual, worth £35.00. Members receive regular email communications, a printed copy of our annual review and an invitation to the annual yearly members event. Plus, 10% off all course fees See more details about our membership here.

4th & 5th Prizes

A £25 voucher to be used for any Denmark Farm course (excludes courses run by external providers.) You could learn traditional crafts, ecology, food growing and so much more. Take a look at our course programme for details of what we offer.

PLEASE NOTE: We will need your email address in order for us to send you your complimentary pizza voucher, tell you about the dates we'll be firing up the cob oven and also to let you know the results of the prize draw. So, don't forget to send it to us along with your donation.

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