Tilly Twinkle-toes and her kidney operation

by Tilly in Shillingford Hill, England, United Kingdom

Tilly Twinkle-toes and her kidney operation


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To assist with surgery costs to remove an unhealthy kidney.

by Tilly in Shillingford Hill, England, United Kingdom

Hi I'm Tilly and I own Jo, a healthy happy lady who I have managed to coerce, con and convince over the 11 years we've been together, to give me pretty much anything I ask for.  Obviously my good looks, charm and big brown eyes help, but ultimately she fell for me the moment I widdled on her foot at 7 weeks old - and I knew it!

Over the years we have done a lot together and I never leave her side.  I've taught her to walk without a lead on pavements, to fetch my ball when it drops in the road (I'm not allowed on the road), take me to the beach and let me wallow in mud, water and sand, and most importantly, ensure my food cupboard is full to the brim with all my fav food. 

Recently I haven't like those snacks too much. I went to the doggie doctor and he told me that I have one bad kidney with a tumour. My owner is very sad and I have to give her lots of hugs. But she has told me that my other kidney is good. So if we take the bad one out, I can still go swimming and run around the park. The problem is that my mum needs to pay for this operation because she has learnt that my insurance won't cover it. I don't think my mum and I are ready to be apart yet, so with a woof and a wag, can I ask you to help? Following weight loss and a lack of appetite, it emerged that Tilly my dog has a tumour on one kidney.  She is now in need of a biopsy and further scan to determine the extent and nature of the tumour.  However Tilly does have a seemingly healthy second kidney and all things considered, it may be possible to remove the bad kidney and lead a healthy happy life on one kidney. 

Its just me and my dog and whilst I will never see her suffer, I still need her for a bit longer. Any help you give would be very gratefully received and if by chance I raise more than the target, I would ensure it is left with the animal hospital to help someone who is in a similar situation to me and lacking the funds to treat their pet. Thank you so much for even taking the time to read this.

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