Tilly the tortoise fundraiser

Tilly the tortoise fundraiser

Raising money for Tilly the tortoise. Helping pay for her ongoing vet bill and treatments required due to poor husbandry by a previous owner

We did it!

On 18th Dec 2016 we successfully raised £20 with 1 supporter in 56 days

We were contacted by a friends pet shop. They had been given a tortoise from a person that had not cared for her very well. At first glance we knew Tilly was poorly, we just werent aware just how poorly.

I picked Tilly up on the Thursday and she was booked into the vet on the Friday. Friday came and our worst fears were confirmed. Tilly had a severe respiratory infection, was horrifically dehydrated and was not eating or drinking. She was underweight and very unwell.

Tilly stayed in the vet hospital until the Wednesday. They put her on a nebuliser, gave her LOTS of antibiotics, put medicine up her nose to help clear her sinus's, bathed her twice a day and fed her through a tummy tube - a very stressful process for both the tortoise and the vet. 

I was contacted by her vet, Paul, who was concerned for her welfare. Tummy feeding was not an option if Tilly was to come home and be cared for by me so she had to have surgery and have a tummy tube fitted in her neck. This allowed us to administer her medicine, water and liquid food through the tube, going directly into her tummy.

Tilly came home on the Wednesday with her medicines and liquid food. Now living in a wooden vivarium with a super bulb offering her not just heat but the UV she desperately needed. She was fed and watered 3 times a day and given her antibiotics daily. Her first check up with Paul at the vets went really well.

Tilly is still a very poorly tortoise. She will not eat or drink so is reliant 100% on her feeding tube. She is putting weight on each and every day and has moments where she will wander around slowly and intermittently. 

Paul the vet is happy with her improvement but we have a very long way to go before having a happy and healthy tortoise.

The vet bill to date has been over £400 and this has all been paid for by me. I am opening our crowdfunding page to help with her ongoing bill. We have a long way to go and more surgery to face but with the determination from me, Bugs n Bones and Tilly we will hopefully be able to bring her out one day for you all to meet, with a smile on her face :)

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