Til We Meet in England

by rebeccamccutcheon in Peckham, England, United Kingdom

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Lost Text/Found Space need your support to stage ‘Til We Meet in England, a vital performance for 2017.

by rebeccamccutcheon in Peckham, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

If we raise additional funding support, we will  use it as seed funding for our fantastic future projects.

This is crucial in helping us to gain support from other funders and to build momentum between our projects. For 2018 we plan to create a world premiere - the first professional production of arguably the most important landmark in women's theatre history - the first play to be written and published by a woman in this country. 

By supporting us to reach our stretch target you are giving us a vital lift in working towards our artisitc mission, of presenitng our work on a wider platform and attracting regular, sustainable funding. 

'The neighbour who thinks differently to me - he is my enemy' - The Massacre

Lost Text/Found Space take lost plays by women and craft unique site-specific performances in hidden locations.

Til We Meet In England:

A family discover their son is missing, possibly murdered by sectarian forces. They prepare to escape the country, but are surrounded by a blood-hungry mob. How can human values persist when humanitarian beliefs are flung aside?

'A moving and challenging experience'.  Audience member, Peckham Festival.

Elizabeth Inchbald’s extraordinary 1792 tragedy, The Massacre,  is a powerful portrayal of the rise of sectarian mob-power. Inchbald was a brilliant writer and actor; this, her only tragedy, was unperformed in her lifetime, as she feared its contagious mob-violence. Yet its portrayal of a persecuted family is deeply empathic, and the value of humanism is powerfully relevant today.

Deeply unsettling and moving; I felt I had to resist the urge to join and contribute, even though I knew I only partially understood what was unfurling around me. Audience member, Peckham Festival

In the intimate, fragile space of Peckham's Safe House, we create a moving experience through text, movement, live music and installation, which draws you into the world of persecution and panic, loss and longing for home. The project will provide skills, training and work experience opportunities for local young people through our partnership with Theatre Peckham and Communities Southwark.

'Loved the way parts of the scenes were played out at the start. These fractured pieces gell into the whole.'  Audience member, Peckham Festival.

Your support will help us to create a wider impact with this run, providing affordable tickets and reaching as wide an audience locally as we can, through community workshops and events, and to build a stable future for the company, which will benefit the growth of Peckham's diverse arts scene. 

Lost Text/Found Space is a female-led, Peckham-based company making site-based performances in hidden spaces for local and London-wide audiences. Our unique work evidences women’s creative pasts, whilst pioneering contemporary, inventive workings of texts, making them relevant and accessible to wider audiences.

I’ve seldom come across anything quite so adventurous, inventive and imaginative as this production by Rebecca McCutcheon. This is a seriously enchanting show. I wouldn’t have missed it for anything. Neither should you.’
The Sunday Times (Dido at House of St Barnabas)

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Production images Madeleine Corcoran https://madeleinecorcoran.com/


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Keep a Little Piece of us! After the show a limited number of objects from our installations will be available as personal keepsakes of the show - choose from a beautifully distressed copy of Elizabeth Inchbald's foreword, a tiny prayer book used in the show, or other lovely things.

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Be a Special Friend - A ticket to a special Friends' performance, meet the team for aftershow drinks and tour of Safe House.

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Become a character! We incorporate your name and/or image into our performance installations.

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Be Part of our Process! Our audience feedback shapes our work - be a member of our mid-rehearsal audience, feed us your thoughts and responses, and then come along to see the performance.

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