Treats for you and Tigger the Van

Tigger needs help for resuming his part in the Edinburgh community

We did it!

On 28th Jun 2015 we successfully raised £1,611 of £1,500 target with 55 supporters in 14 days

New stretch target

The original target was meant for the bare minimum of repairs to get Tigger back into service. Any pound raised beyond that will help extend his life and usefulness through bodywork and interior work to make him as long-lasting and multi-functional as possible. So it's not too late to grab one of the rewards and become part of the elite crowd of Tigger patrons. Thank you!

Project aim

Tigger the Van needs help to resume his part in the Edinburgh community

About the project

Hi, I'm Dani and most of you will know me in some way through Beltane Fire Society (if I attracted you from further afield: Welcome, and see for context).

In 2014, I ran a group called the Beltane Bees for logistical support of the event. I was going through a rough time, so helping others to have an easier time of putting on this amazing event, and sharing my resources and experience, helped distract me from the bad stuff and focus on lots and lots of good.

The only way I was able to offer all of this support, however, was because I owned a van I had bought off friends the year before, an orange beauty they had aptly named "Tigger". Originally mostly a camper van, a lot of repair work went into him that left him a multi-purpose vehicle fit for cosy living as well as hard work.


Tigger hard at work

Tigger in cosy living mode


Even outside of Beltane, Tigger's been pulling his weight in rehoming friends across town or even across country, retrieving possessions on cross-continental journeys, getting soggy campers and their gear home safely, or furnishing startup offices. A nimble van is a fantastic asset to any community, and I've been so grateful to be in a position to provide all this support - and it's come back to me many times since.

However. Tigger is an old van and things break. Currently, he's facing a repair that I simply can't afford, and I can afford an alternative vehicle even less. He's off the road at my parents' place in Austria and what I'd love to do more than anything is to get him fixed and bring him home to Edinburgh on the road trip through Europe that I've been promising myself for two years.

My thinking is this: if I get Tigger fixed, he can help loads more people get their stuff moved. But also: if I help loads more people get their stuff moved, I can get Tigger fixed. And maybe the people who've benefitted from having him around in the past would like the chance of showing him some love back.

So please have a look and see if you can spare Tigger, and my heart, the journey to the scrap yard. Take a look at the rewards (described in more detail below) and see if you find something that you'd like in exchange of your help in funding Tigger's repairs. I'm looking forward to being in touch with you about the details. Or if you just want to give: there are pure-gratitude options available, straight from my heart.

The money raised will be used to get Tigger properly assessed and then, in order of priority, get him a new clutch, fan motor, and potentially ignition (if that flags up as imminent). Any money left over from that will be needed to get him back on the road and to Edinburgh (registration, insurance, MOT, fuel). If there is anything left from that, it will go into some cosmetic repair (the hard work has left some bumps) and interior work to make him nicer to travel and live in and easier to transform between work and play.

I realise I'm asking for some serious help here. All I can say is that I'm willing to give serious help in return, and that it's been great in the past to do just that. I look forward to all the conversations coming out of this campaign.

Thank you so much.


The Rewards - explained

Please see the side bar for the different levels of Rewards I can offer.


I'll be travelling between Vienna and Edinburgh - hopefully quite a bit - for the rest of Tigger's life, through Germany and parts of England and, all going well, even further afield into the Highlands at some point. Pick a place reasonably en route you've always wanted a postcard from, and I'll happily send you a personal greeting from our adventures.


Grump Chompers

These are stuffed dolls/monsters with a zip for a mouth. The idea* is to write or draw anything that gives you grief onto a piece of paper, stuff it inside, zip it up, and cuddle the funk away. I make them from recycled materials and tailored to any purpose or design you can specify. If nothing comes to mind, let me ask you a handful of questions (none too personal, I promise) and make you something nice that's completely yours.
(*This isn't my idea. There's a brand and everything. I do make them to my own design, though.)

Moving Your Stuff

Like I mentioned, I'll be on the road beween Vienna and Edinburgh a fair bit, as well as within these cities.

What I'm offering is a voucher for van run that you can use or pass on, to arrange a trip with Tigger according to the Reward level you picked. I'll be driving, but I won't be much good for lifting or carrying things. For larger missions, I will do my best to accommodate your transport in my travel plans, but the more flexible you are, the easier. Fire me a message to confirm that what you have in mind is feasible.



Hair, Nails, or something to do with your Feet?

I've been having a bit of fun doing people's hair and nails recently (some caveats apply, see below). I'm also a trained ballroom dancer and always happy to spread the joy of this heritage hobby of mine. What you get for your voucher (choose one for one session of):

Hair: I have no training. I've just found that I'm handy with clippers and creative with braiding and dyeing. If you want an undercut, a symbol or pattern carved into the hair on the back of your head, roots re-dyed, a mohawk of 4-way braids - well, I've done it before and I would do it again for you. Anything to do with cutting hair to a particular, safe-for-work shape, you're better off with a pro. Same goes for dreads. Any creative experiments beyond that, let's go.

But don't just take my word for it!

"Dani sculpted the back of my undercut into the symbol of the Beastie Drummers with a professional level of care and attention to detail. Thanks again!" - M

"Dani is not a stylist but a sculptress. She takes a vision and moulds it from your hair, working with meticulous precision to create bold and original styles. Though she'll happily work to your specifications, you won't regret giving her free rein and becoming a living work of art." - J

"It was great! I think the best thing is that you made me feel calm, like you knew exactly what you were doing so I was putting my faith in good hands. You were careful, a perfectionist (which is a good thing for hair cutting) and I loved the outcome" - C

Nails: Similar to above, I have no training or fancy equipment. I've just been playing around with some nail varnish recently and come up with fun designs that were created on the fly and ended up not embarassing anyone. If you're up for an experiment, let's play. For nice and controlled styles, you're better off with a pro.

Dance: I'm from Vienna, where learning Ballroom is part of your teenage years much like learning to drive. I'd be giving you a lesson in some classic Ballroom moves that I hope will give you at least something adventurous to do at the next wedding you attend.


The voucher will work for anyone that I can meet en route or in town on either end.



Maybe Tigger's helped you out in the past. Maybe you're feeling nice. Maybe you just really like the colour orange. I will not question your motivation, but I will thank you from the bottom of my heart. If you like, your name will go onto the Thank You Board that will live in Tigger after all the funding and repairing is done. If you like, you'll get the Personal Postcard from the first reward as well. All I can say is that that I won't let your contribution go to waste.


Thank you so much, please fire any and all questions my way.




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