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Tickle Tots is our brand of reusable cloth nappies and accessories designed here in the UK. We aim to make cloth the 1st choice of nappy!

We did it!

On 4th Nov 2016 we successfully raised £100 with 3 supporters in 28 days

Project Aim

Tickle Tots was launched in September 2015 and we have taken the cloth nappy market by storm.

We need your help to take our nappies even further, to reach out to new markets both in Europe and the US, and to make the use of cloth nappies the norm.

We are keen to work with charity partners to produce limited edition fabric prints where a proportion of their profit being donated to the charity, and further build on our ethical principles. We already have two charities lined up, Ammalife, and Holding Umberellas Foundation, and are looking forward to working with them very soon.   

Tickle Tots

Tickle Tots is our brand of reusable cloth nappies and accessories designed here in the UK. We have innovative registerd designs that offer a bombproof nappy in beautiful, unique prints.

Sustainability is our core principle, and we are always striving to improve in this area to insure our nappies are sourced and manufactured in an ethical and environmentally sound way.

For every 1000 nappys manufactured we plant one UK native tree. 

The statistics for disposable nappy use both here in the UK and the rest of the world are shocking:

  • Each disposable nappy takes 400 - 500 years to degrade
  • Nearly 8 million disposable nappies are thrown away every day in the UK alone, equating to 3 billion every year.

By swapping just one disposable nappy for a cloth nappy would prevent over 900 nappies ending up in landfill per child. This has to be part of the plan to build a more sustainable future for our children. 

Cloth Nappy Market - 'at a glance'

On average over 1,914 babies are born each day in the UK and this figure is rising. With each baby being changed approximatly 7665 times before potty training at 24-30 months, and the average cost of disposables being 16p each, this equates to £1226.40 per baby, and an industry worth 856.6 million pounds. 

The average cost of a set of reusable nappies is £300, and with care, should last subsequent children. Many local authorities recognise the improtance of waste reduction and the important role cloth nappies play by offering incentives to families who want to use cloth nappies. The UK is facing the looming crisis of running out of landfill sites by 2018, so much more needs to be done. 

The Story So Far

Tickle Tots was created by Sophia after  the birth of her first child in 2012. Having had difficulties finding a reliable cloth nappy that fitted her baby perfectly and didn't leak, she set about designing her own. The design was refined and tested on the baby's of friends and family with great success, and demand soon outstripped supply. Sophia made the decision to have her nappies manufactured to meet demand, and concentrated on securing a market for Tickle Tots in the UK with many of the leading Cloth nappy retailers, and developing new and unique prints. 

During the the summer of 2016 a new nappy design was developed, Tickle Tots 2's, to give further options to parents who use cloth nappies. The drying time of the new nappy has been shortened considerably, and the nappy still retains its best qualities, that of great absorbency, super slim fit, and unique prints.

With your help we are hoping to expand Tickle Tots and also improve processes to meet the demand we already have. We have the following plans:

  • Tickle Tots can now be found in several European countries, including Italy, France and the Netherlands. We are looking to increase our stockists throughout Europe and also looking to expand into the buoyant US cloth nappy market.
  • Work is also currently in process to develop unique limited edition prints in association with children's and women's health charities, with a proportion of the profit to go directly to the associated charity. 
  • We we are also looking at developing the Tickle Tots brand to incorporate cloth nappy accessories, with our wet bag receiving high praise from customers with its innovative design. This could include training pants or sized newborn nappies.

Tickle Tots has such a bright future, being a brand with strong ethical principles, high quality products with innovative UK design. We want to help make cloth nappies a valid choice for all parents, and to become commonplace. Please help us bring Tickle Tots to new markets and help us to work with the charities that are so important to us. 

Connect With Us

We would love to hear from you and and you can check us out or get in contact via the following:

Twitter: @TickleTotsNappy

Instagram: @tickle.tots

Facebook: TickleTots2013

Web: www.tickle-tots.com

Check out what others think of our nappies at http://www.tickle-tots.com/testimonials 

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