Thurcroft Parish Church Restoration

Thurcroft Parish Church Restoration

To repair the internal walls of the community church which have deteriorated badly due to damp ingress.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

This is the current condition of the internal walls at Thurcroft Parish Church. I can provide many other images. It needs urgent dry lining work which will cost approx £23,000. We've raised £7000 towards this work. If anyone can help or knows anyone or any way in which we might fund raise please could you let me know?

The church sits at the heart of a former mining community and is an important part of villagers lives. We are their for life's significant moments.

We do wonderful work with children and people of all ages. 

We suffer from a lack of income especially from weddings because most brides dont want to be married in a church which looks dreadful on their photgrpahs.

We love the place of course.

Rev Keith, Vicar.