Scootering and other content Youtube Channel

My Youtube channel predominantly based on Scootering Content and Other things.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hi, I am Thuba Mpofu, an aspiring videographer for scooting. Scooting is a very niche sport, and I feel like there's a massive gap that needs to be filled. There aren't that many scootering youtubers that aren't scooter riders and feel like there needs to be more independent scootering based channels that aren't run by scooter brands and ride I feel like I have the potential to get better and more popular with the right equipment. Hence the reason why I am setting up this crowdfunding account. I would like to purchase;

  • A gorillapod - £50
  • A Camera - £500
  • An SD card- £30

I believe that with all of this, I can become a better Youtuber.

Thank you.