Thrive LLJS, show how infectious your joy truly is

by SweetieJ in Harare, Harare Province, Zimbabwe

Thrive LLJS, show how infectious your joy truly is


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To support LLJS to soar. An incredibly bright, tough and joyous young 7 year old with mobility and speech difficulties from cerebral palsy.

by SweetieJ in Harare, Harare Province, Zimbabwe

I am an ordinary retiree who is constantly aware of the many surrounding children and young persons as well as unsupported young mothers who without a leg up, it will be much harder for them to grow, learn and become independent. I have been doing a little for one child, young person or young unsupported mother at a time. 

I have mostly been able, ie success with college completion a number but new and complicating issues with a few on the learning and graduation front, but always growth and health has been rewarding.  

I haven't a team. 

My vision has been the vision of the young persons and young mother's. They have wanted to get a qualification and find a job or carry on with some practical project that earns them money. I have not looked to see how many I have helped. Each child or young person's journey and achievement has been a goal met. Small scale, short achievable aim.

Let's make 'Thrive LLJS, show how infectious your joy truly is' happen

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