Three Bags Full

Three Bags Full

To purchase additional emissions-free electric cargobikes.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Three Bags Full is a new kind of delivery service, officially launched in February 2017 in Bath. Exclusively using electric cargobikes (imported from Holland), the service is part of an initiative to tackle the twin problems of air pollution and congestion in urban centres. The initiative also seeks to promote the idea of buying local and supporting local producers and farmers. In turn this helps reduce food miles with the resulting positive environmental effect.

Three Bags Full ‘soft launched’ before Christmas trialling the service with a small product range comprising fresh milk, eggs and bread. The core concept of the service is to deliver fabulously fresh local produce to the door - by bike! Orders are taken up to midnight two days before the delivery day. The producers ‘produce’ to order and we collect at dawn on the delivery day and deliver either during the day, or in two evening slots.

The soft launch was a success and we have now expanded the product range with the inclusion of fresh meat & poultry from Hartley Farm, freshly roasted coffee from Easy Jose, and a selection of breads & pastries from Bertinet. The website has all been fully updated and is now officially live.

In addition to the expanded product range, we are also launching our  ‘In-fridge delivery’ service. By having access to customers’ homes (we will hold a key) we will be able to bypass all the usual inconveniences of having to wait in for deliveries. And equally importantly, by delivering fresh groceries and unpacking and putting them away in fridges, bread bins etc we will be able to dispense with all the expensive and environmentally wasteful packaging that is currently used for food deliveries sent by courier.

The ‘local' element which is a key part of our proposition also plays a role in the ‘In-fridge delivery’ service. Customers know us and trust us because they see us around Bath, our children go to local schools and in some cases we’re their neighbours. Personally I would be unlikely to give key access to my house to one of the many national courier services, but I do give my cleaners a key (a) because their office is just round the corner in Bath, and (b) I see them when I’m out shopping. Three Bags Full is all about that human touch. No algorithms here.