Thought I was pregnant.Its turns out its cancer

by Maria Kulczycka in South Croydon, England, United Kingdom

Thought I was pregnant.Its turns out its cancer


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I want to introduce to you Ewelina, my dearest friend. She struggles with cancer. I wanted to ask you ALL for support.

by Maria Kulczycka in South Croydon, England, United Kingdom


Welcome Everyone Warmly

My dearests I would like to introduce to you Ewelina, my very kind friend that has always helped me when I needed the most.
In my life, I've been through challenging times, and I could have always counted on her support...even when once I found myself alone with both my children without a roof over my head, and that's when she came with help, and I will never forget that.

Therefore, I am trying to help her as much as I can, but unfortunately in this matter, my only help won't be enough, so I wanted to ask you my friends and those I do not know for support. Please, Let's help together Ewelina with her 4th stage of liver cancer.

It has been a big shock for me to find out that such a young, kind and loving everyone person been diagnosed with such disease.
The whole of Ewelina's story about her illness and treatments is written below by herself.
So I am kindly inviting everyone of you to take a few minutes to read, meet her and get to know her story.


That's why here I am asking You my beloved from the bottom of my heart to help her.
Even the smallest amount can save her life and let her continue to live fully again.

All of us want to live in good health, and we don't want even to imagine a different way of living for our family, friends and ourselves.
Let's start this new year filled with love, happiness, health, and support to those in need cause what this life is worth without it...

As health is the most important

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart

Let's fill our body and spirit with love.


I got married last September. A month later, my stomach started to grow. An ideal story - young, in love, on the threshold of life with a vision of a beautiful large family ...

Unfortunately no baby in my abdomen, just cancer - an 11cm metastatic ovarian tumour. Nobody at the age of 32 is prepared for a serious illness, for death, in the end. doctor immediately referred me for surgery. They removed the tumour, eleven centimetres in diameter, along with the ovary. They recommended chemotherapy, but I am an advocate of natural healing. For three months, I was treated with vitamins, herbs. I went to treatments (Japanese lamp irradiation, normobaric chamber, massages, body detox).

Unfortunately, my condition worsened. Ascites grew - 4-5 litres of water. Another tumour appeared in the abdomen. The pain was already excruciating, and I was losing my strength. I made my decision about chemotherapy almost at the last minute.

I've been looking after children for 13 years. They are like little angels, a ray of sunshine, a wonderful gift from God. I like spending time actively, hiking in the mountains, skiing, kayaking, cycling. Volunteering is also my passion. Helping others is a wonderful activity. I believe that “Man is great, not by what he has but by what he is;

1609792341_kids.jpgToday I am faced with the most important fight, which will decide everything in my life, which has slowed down to zero.
I have been struggling with endometriosis for 10 years. Every sick woman like me knows that pain is everyday life, and malaise is normal. Years of struggling with this terrible disease took all my vigilance, took away the chance to detect cancer at the very beginning.

1609792412_summer.jpgI am currently on the 1st line of chemotherapy: Paclitaxel + Carboplatin + Avastin which shrunk the tumour and removed water from the abdominal cavity. Afterwards, the MRI showed that I was almost healthy.

Unfortunately, after 5 months of taking Avastin, I started to bleed and was kicked out of the drug program due to resistance to carboplatin and post-treatment side effects.

1609792691_sddsd.jpgThe doctor ordered a CT scan. It showed a relapse as the water started to accumulate again in the abdominal cavity at the liver's area where the tumour had formed again. Fortunately, there are no metastases to the bones, lungs and lymph nodes yet so I still have a chance to win against the disease.

I have 4 ways out:

1. Another chemotherapy with terrible side effects: Leukemia, anorexia, pneumonia, heart disease, weakening of the immune system and all organs, bone marrow damage and in the worst case will be death.

2. Radical surgery to remove the reproductive organs associated with serious side effects - STOMY and complications after surgery also leading to death. Patients stay in intensive care for up to a month due to complications from Avastin.

3. Give up treatment and give up without a fight.

4. Immunotherapy + vitamin supplementation + Diet.

I have never given up without a fight in my life so I'll fight till the end this time again. cost of immunotherapy treatment in Germany is £ 35,000.

After consulting with an oncologist-naturopath, he offered me immunotherapy treatment with infusions of SALINOMECIN + Vitamin C + Currents-Electroporation. + Curcumin.
Unfortunately, the cost of treatment is high. £ 800 (infusion of Salinomecin with Wit c + currents - £ 300), additionally curcumin infusion £ 450.
The costs of treatments include vitamins supporting the body and diet, so the total monthly amount for it is £ 1,550

1609793157_fffff.jpg I still have a chance to survive and enjoy this life that has only just begun for me, but It won't be possible without your help! Currently, I cherish every hour of my life and at the same time trying to function normally as I used to before. Working as much as I can because every day now is like a gift from God to me. That's why I am turning to you asking from the deepest of my heart for your help. I will be grateful for any kind of support, not only financial but also spiritual because nothing warms up the heart more than a feeling of not being alone going through this difficult time.



Dearest readers, all the above information was provided to me by my friend Ewelina. Now she struggles with the disease's relapse every day, so I am turning to all my friends, the close ones and distant ones, and all my clients and strangers who read this information asking for any help. I believe that with support from our hearts Ewelina will recover and win this battle! 


For the first treatment we have already collected the money, and that treatment is on January 7th 2020, but for the next ones and immunotherapy we still have to collect the amount and the time is very urgent. I will be very grateful to all of you, even for the smallest help and support! Let's unite our powers together!

Maya Kulczycka

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Thank you


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