Get 'Thlides' to the Wandsworth AND Camden Fringe!

We need your help and support to get Dirty Rascals' surreal dark comedy 'Thlides' on at the Wandsworth Arts Fringe and the Camden Fringe!

We did it!

On 27th Apr 2016 we successfully raised £630 of £450 target with 28 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

Merlin's beard!

With your support and generosity, we've managed to smash our original target of £450. Now, we're aiming for £800 so we can cover more of those pesky production expenses and engage in a wider publicity campaign. Thanks to all those who have already donated, you are all badass human beings.

Hello friends, family, and strangers!

We need your help and support to get Dirty Rascals' second theatre show Thlides on at the Wandsworth Arts Fringe and the Camden Fringe in 2016. We're currently looking for funding to help cover some of our production and venue hire costs. In return, you will have our undying affection and some tasty tasty rewards.

What's this show then?

'Too many greeblies in the pool today. I just wanted some quiet y'know, and peace, some good old quiet and peace. Not my lucky day though is it? Greeblies everywhere.'

Spawny John, an army veteran, and Duck, an inflatable duck, sit halfway down a Butlins water slide. But they're not the only ones looking to do a spot of sliding today. A surreal dark comedy addressing the finer points of death, loneliness, and soup.

Thlides is a project we are currently developing with two writers, Danny Cooke and Dan Spicer. We see the piece as an opportunity to experiment with outlandish and bizarre characters, and undercutting these dreamlike encounters with the real and the mundane.

The play will premiere at the Wandsworth Arts Fringe on 18th - 19th May at the Cat's Back in Putney as part of Fragility's TakeoverThlides will also have a run at the Camden Fringe on 21st - 23rd August at the Lion and Unicorn in Kentish Town.

Where's the £££ going?

Dirty Rascals is a strictly not-for-profit theatre company - all of your contributions will go towards helping us cover various production costs for Thlides, including (but not limited to):

  • Venue hire
  • Set, props, and costume 
  • Publicity and marketing printing
  • Administrative fees
  • Transport
  • Miscellaneous running costs

Who are Dirty Rascals?

Dirty Rascals is a new theatre company founded in July 2015. We are devoting ourselves to making work that is living, untidy, and playful. Thlides will be our second project as a company.

As a creative team, this will be our first experience of mounting a production at both the Wandsworth and the Camden Fringe. However, we have had experience with producing theatre for the Edinburgh Fringe on a previous student project, namely How to Disappear and Completely Be Found by Fin Kennedy at a 90-seat venue at Zoo Monkey House.

Done anything before?

Dirty Rascals' first project was an experimental improvised show in January 2016 called Of Nymphs and Men at the Miller in London Bridge. The show received a fantastic audience response and garnered several reviews we're pretty proud of:

"A high calibre of story-telling and vast potential" - A Younger Theatre

★★★★ "A powerful piece... To see a form of daring and intriguing theatre not often accomplished onstage is certainly a refreshing experience" - Theatre Bubble

★★★★ "A journey that never ceases to be intriguing. A reflective piece of theatre, it’s all highly believable" - LondonTheatre1

★★★★ "Haunting and intense... The performers are exceptional" - RemoteGoat

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