Thize Socks

Thize Socks

We're Thize (pronounce 'thighs' and not 'Th-i-zee'), and we're passionate about getting plus size socks on the market!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


We're Thize (pronounce 'thighs' and not 'Th-i-zee'), and we're passionate about getting plus size socks on the market! 

We are a new start up business run by a plus size student who's spent her whole life struggling to find cotton knee high socks that fit over her leg, and stay on her leg!

We're here to accomodate the plus size woman who wants to wear warm, cosy, over the knee socks without worrying about them rolling down in public. We want plus size women to know they have access to ALL types of clothing, and not just skirts, blouses and the occasional evening gown.

We want girls, whether confident or not, to be able to wear knee high/over the knee socks with their school uniforms and avoid the anxiety of back to school shopping and not finding suitable, fitting hoisery.

We  at Thiz  are sick of such everyday items, such a socks, being unavailable for us. So we're fighting against it!

So, we've created a knee high and over-the-knee/thigh high sock for plus size women sized UK 16 - 24!

So, what have we done so far?

We've spoken to our consumers to understand exactly what they want and we've listened to all of their feedback.

We've found ethical suppliers who are manfuacturing our socks from SCRATCH. We've done everything ourselves; measurements, material composition, colours etc and the product is starting to really develop into something amazing!

...And what do we need to do next?

Now, we need to order in our initial stock ready for trading! We also need to make sure we have enough finance to organise our marketing stratergies and really get our socks out there. We are launching independently in London and are really excited (and slightly anxious) about this!!

Later on, we intend on developing our socks so that we can provide items that go up to a UK size 32!