This Way Up

This Way Up

Foxtail Theatre is raising money to launch their debut play, 'This Way Up' and kick-start the company's future in family theatre.

We did it!

On 18th Mar 2018 we successfully raised £555 of £500 target with 16 supporters in 56 days

New stretch target

This extra money will go towards taking This Way Up to Manchester Fringe Festival. Our next step in Foxtail Theatre's big plans!

It'll be budgeted into costs of rehearsal spaces, theatre venues, expenses for creating and maintaining puppets and paying our wonderful actors and team. 

A young father is moving into his new house with his daughter. There's lots to do; unpacking, decorating, organising and reorganising. All the boring things adults do which they call 'important'. But Dad's productivity is stopped in its tracks when the cardboard boxes in his living room come to life...

You see, cardboard boxes are magic. They have limitless potential. They can be anything. And it's time Dad remembered how much fun ANYTHING can be...

Climb into the adventure with Foxtail Theatre's debut show.


'This Way Up' started out as a dissertation project for director Lucy when she was in her final year of drama school. Born out of a brain-wave at 3am one summer's night in 2015, 'This Way Up' is a short play about a young father who is taken on an adventure when the cardboard boxes in his living room come to life. 

Inspired by a National Theatre production called 'The Elephantom', the play is wordless and opts to transport its audience through puppetry, music and a LOT of cardboard. 

After receiving an extremely heart warming response from her fellow drama school students, Lucy decided that 'This Way Up' was the perfect show to kick off her own family theatre company. Manchester's 53Two was contacted and a date was arranged for two performances on the 13th April.

Ever since college, where two shows were created with friends, it has been a dream to have their own family theatre company. They found a joy in performing light-hearted shows that offer an escape to wonderment for both children and adults. So in 2018, the band finally got back together and Foxtail Theatre was created (named after a funny stage mishap involving a hand-made puppet and vigorous tail wagging...)

Foxtail Theatre aims to do more than just present shows that keep the kids quiet for an hour - we feel it's indispensable for adults to get lost in their imaginations too. It's always lovely to have a reason to smile and be a bit silly and we want the whole family to come and enjoy the theatre. 

We're also very keen for industry professionals to have a chance to spend time with their kids at the same time as enjoying theatre. Balancing work and family is perhaps one of the toughest challenges this industry provides. 

'This Way Up' also has the potential for relaxed performances for disabled audience members and young babies with its visual style and sensory experience. 

There are big plans set for Foxtail Theatre and we all have to start somewhere. This Crowdfunder is to raise money to pay our actors, musical director and cover the cost of hiring theatre and rehearsal space. 

We're looking for any support anyone is willing to offer! Be it advice, a Facebook like, a Twitter follow, a ticket to the show or a donation on this Crowdfunder. All will be received with the biggest of THANK YOUs!

We hope to see you at 53Two on the 13th April, 12 & 2.30pm! 

Foxtail Theatre

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