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Foxtail Theatres's 2nd production of This Way Up aims to bring more children into the theatre by igniting their imagination.

by Foxtail Theatre in Salford, England, United Kingdom

My name is Lucy Padwick, I'm 23 and based in Manchester, UK. I am the Artistic Director of Foxtail Theatre and the Creator of 'This Way Up'. I trained as an actor but have always had a passion for children's theatre. The idea for 'This Way Up' came to me at 3am one August night in 2015. I had a vision of a stage filled with cardboard boxes which all began to move and morph into amazing things, animals and machines. The idea went on to become a 20 minute performance for my drama school dissertation. Then, in 2018, I set up Foxtail Theatre, a company which tells adventure stories that turn the mundane into the magical and 'This Way Up' was its first play.

‘This Way Up’ is a forty-minute wordless play, told through puppetry and an original score that is to be performed at Salford Arts Theatre 6th-7th July 2019. Following its debut in April 2018, Foxtail Theatre is redeveloping its fantasy adventure for two performances as part of the Greater Manchester Fringe festival. The play is aimed at children aged 4-11 to encourage them use their imagination for creative play and problem solving. The story follows a young single father who has just moved into his new house with his young daughter. He is far too busy and stressed to play with her but before he realises the cardboard boxes in his living room come to life and take him on an adventure. He is transported to the Jungle, the Sky, the Antarctic and Underwater by the cardboard boxes in his living room. Having learnt how to use his imagination to help his new animal friends, he returns to his new house wondering if it was all real. Think: Pixar meets Puppetry.

Responses from our April 2018 show:         

"A truly engaging story, with great humour, suitable for all ages."

"Loved it. As a dad of 2 boys under 5, it really resonated with me. The boys were engaged throughout too."

"This is perfect for children but with message for adults/parents too!"

"We forgot about the puppeteers- felt real."

"A very creditable debut show for this fledgling company and I look forward to seeing where their ambition will take them for their next production." - Reviewer Number 9, Matthew Dougall 

This second production will build our reputation as a company and promote theatre to young families. Salford is an area where there isn't much engagement with the arts and we hope our play will begin to change that. Foxtail Theatre aims to create a positive theatre experience which will broaden the horizons of new audiences and make them want to return to the theatre again, and again. 'This Way Up' encourages imaginative play as, we believe, it is an essential part of childhood and teaches children to be creative thinkers which develops their problem-solving skills. In forty minutes we want the audience to go on an adventure. The live theatre experience will make the audience laugh at silly characters, feel moved by Dad’s personal journey and ultimately feel entertained. We want them to use their imagination to see more than just cardboard boxes and puppeteers; we want them to see animals, characters and environments. We want the audience to leave the theatre excited to create adventures of their own from cardboard boxes.


As we are a new company, funds are tight and we are relying on the support of the public to bring this show to life. We have applied to Arts Council England Grants for Arts but unfortunately there is no guarantee of funding. The money we raise will go towards:

  • Documentation of the show. A full film of the play to help with future marketing of the company 
  • A trailer and production photos to promote and advertise the show
  • Paper marketing costs
  • Cover the GMFringe costs
  • Ensuring the performers and creatives are paid well for their hard work
  • Maintenance costs of production, props, costume etc. 
  • To cushion financial risk in case of poor ticket sales
  • Contingency for any unexpected costs

Thank you for visiting our Crowdfunding page. If you wish to support Foxtail Theatre, please give what you can and know that any donation will be greatly appreciated. 

"I regard the theatre as the greatest of all art forms, the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another the sense of what it is to be a human being."  ~Oscar Wilde


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