This Story of Yours - 50th Anniversary Production

The classic John Hopkins play back on the London fringe. A tense and disturbing drama with an excellent script and characters.

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After 8 years Emma and David (a.k.a Time and Tide Theatre Company) are excited to be mounting their next production: 'This Story of Yours' by John Hopkins.

Written and first performed at The Royal Court in 1968 this was Hopkins first stage play after having written for television previously (most famously for the popular police series 'Z Cars'*). 


Having seen this production Sean Connery (a.k.a James Bond!) decided he wanted to play the lead role of Johnson and convinced United Artists to finance a film version of the play as part of his deal to return to the Bond franchise in 'Diamonds Are Forever'**. This film was released in 1972 under the title 'The Offence' and was directed by Sidney Lumet. Although not a commercial success it was critically praised and is now considered a cult film.


David originally found a copy of the script many years ago in Charing Cross Road and had been aware of the film version via a book about Connery. Recognizing a great script for middle aged actors he filed it away on his bookcase, realizing that he was too young to tackle such a play. After a busy few years touring the UK in various productions he started to think about the idea of directing again (he co-directed Time and Tide's original production of 'Frightmare: Tales of Horror and Hysteria' in 2009/10) but also wanted a play that both he and Emma could perform in. Digging out Hopkins script he showed it to Emma and they very quickly decided that this HAD to be their next project!


Things have moved pretty quickly since then.... After watching a rehearsed reading of the critically acclaimed play 'Women of Twilight' (featuring Emma) at the newly refurbished White Bear Theatre in South London earlier this year David decided that was the perfect venue for 'This Story of Yours'. Wanting to mount the production in the early months of 2018 a three week slot was suggested by Michael Kingsbury (Artistic Director of the White Bear) in January and confirmed. It also happens that 2018 is the 50th Anniversary of the original production and therefore the perfect time to reintroduce this classic play and its author. Everything is falling into place...

And so we come to the reason we have set up a Crowdfunder. Basically it is this: Theatre is expensive!

Both Emma and David have worked on the fringe throughout their careers, in London, Brighton and Edinburgh. These productions have ranged from a few nights to four week runs. All of them have had to compromise on various aspects of the finished product due to lack of financing. They have also mostly been profit-share productions, meaning that the actors and crew have done the show unpaid and have held out for any profit from box-office takings at the end (usually none!).

Whilst planning for 'This Story of Yours' Emma and David decided that, being performers themselves, they wanted to pay the other members of the cast for taking on this project, as well any other crew. Although they knew it was going to be a production that gave all the actors great characters to sink their teeth into it was still felt that the rehearsal time commitment, especially during the Christmas month of December, needed to be compensated for.

Thankfully as well as being the perfect venue for the production the White Bear Theatre is also one of the most reasonably priced fringe locations. However it still costs several thousand pounds to put a production on there for three weeks.

All in all it is estimated that with set, costume, cast, crew, promotion and venue this production will cost around £6000.

So we have set up this Crowdfunder to ask anyone who wants to see this amazing production succeed and achieve its full potential. Make no mistake, this play WILL run from the 9th-27th January 2018 at the White Bear Theatre but, just for once, Emma and David would like to be part of a production that isn't compromised in its vision.


Please help us achieve our dream and present this amazing play to London next year. Your contributions, no matter how big or small will make a massive difference and, we hope, will help create something amazing on stage.

Thanks for making the effort to read this far and we hope we have your support.

David and Emma

Time and Tide Theatre Company

Twitter: @tandttheatreco

* Fun Fact 1 - Yes that is a beardless Brian Blessed in the photo! He played PC "Fancy" Smith between 1962-65. It was one of his earliest TV roles.

* *Fun Fact 2 - John Hopkins was also one of the scriptwriters for the 1965 Bond film 'Thunderball'.

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