This little piggie

This little piggie

Help give farm animals the best life that they can have Free range should mean free range

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 Hello world,

I've been working on a farm for the past 9 months, and in that time i have come to love the way the lifestyle is. I've learnt a great deal, especially about raising animals. With that in mind I've decided put together a business plan, and build my own farm , where I can raise fully free range pigs that live outside all year round.

I want my pigs to be as happy as possible, and be able to roam around how they want to, have there bellys rubbed when they want and enjoy their life as respected and cared for animals.

Im very passionate about the welfare of animals, and I want to be able to make a difference to how they are raised, so now i'm looking for people to believe in me, give me the chance to make something of myself,  and to do something I am very passionate about. 

Lets make a start on creating a better and more caring environment for our farm animals.