This little dog needs a life changing operation

by Susanne Smith in Hever, England, United Kingdom

This little dog needs a life changing operation


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We would like to raise enough money to pay for a life changing operation for this lovely puppy.

by Susanne Smith in Hever, England, United Kingdom

My name was Granola but I am now called Coco. I am 12 months’ old, “I think”. I am not sure exactly what has happened to me or how. One minute I was with my Mum, brothers and sisters and then I am living on the streets of Wales trying to fend for my little self. Then I ended up in the dog pound with lots of other friends. The whisper was that we would be “put to sleep” but I did not understand what that meant but the other dogs told me it was not a good thing. Luckily a van came to the pound and took a whole load of us inmates to an Animal Rescue Charity in England. They were very nice to me and gave me my own kennel, food, water and cuddles. I liked that but I was very lonely at night when everyone went home. The Charity vet gave me lots of jabs and did something to stop me having babies “for my own sake” and I am back on my feet now. A lovely family adopted me and I was so happy with them but sadly their daughter had an allergy to my fur so I had to come back to the rescue again. Another couple eventually took me home. I am very happy again now but I have another HUGE hurdle to get through. I have a wonky leg which urgently needs to be repaired. It seems that when I was really young I suffered a trauma and this left a large mass just under my elbow. It meant my growing plates stop working and the inside bone of my leg stopped growing but the outside bone still grew. I now have a really wonky leg which is probably what put some people off me. The lovely vet at the rescue has been in touch with a dog bone doctor who says it can be fixed. It will take a lot of special care from my new owners and it will cost a lot of money. The charity said that they would pay for it if my owners could contribute a bit. My owners spent all their savings last year trying to help their previous dog who was ill but sadly died. We, my owners and me think it would be really nice if we could raise the money by a crowd fund so that the lovely people at the rescue centre can keep their money for another dog like me who needs their help. If my owners can raise enough they have even considered going to a man they call Noel who is the best in the country at this sort of thing. I don’t know any of you but I would be really grateful if you might help me get my leg straight so I can run and have fun like the other dogs. My owners said they would keep you all updated with photos and a report on my progress. Whoof Whoof

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