This Is Yours- Book Launch

This Is Yours- Book Launch

In need of a little financial boost to be able to publish my book. An anthology of poetry, photography, and motivational writing!

We did it!

On 22nd Feb 2017 we successfully raised £210 of £50 target with 11 supporters in 28 days

Thank you for taking the time to visit my kickstarter page! 

My name is Cecily, and I am a house-person. (I love that- it sounds insane). I'm not a house wife- or a stay at home mum... yet- the baby is due in April though so we are close! 

This is a fundraiser for the publishing of my book! It's entitled 'This is Yours', an anthology of my motivational writing, poetry, and photographic work revolving around the themes of mental health, personal growth, self soothing, love, and adulthood. A lot of topics to wrap your head round, however I feel my work suitably ties in multiple themes within each piece. 

My writing takes a light hearted, casual, and very honest approach to these topics. Perhaps light hearted is not applicable to every piece, yet I am confident that any dark pieces are for positive outcomes and are the most real. 

For anybody who would like to donate they are rewards for you if you do! Yay!

There is a preview available for those who have not yet read it and wish to get a feel for what they're letting themselves in for! 

Thank you so much in advance.

All my love, 


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