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I would like middle aged women to feel proud of their image and for younger women to see positive images of older women. This is us.

by Tina Gue in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

This project is crowdfunded and after the exhibition the prints will be given to each individual; I am asking for a contribution of between £10 and £20 to cover the materials and printing costs if you can afford it. Thank you.

My name is Tina Gue and I am a portrait photographer. In the last 5 years I have been asked on several occasions to smooth out the wrinkles in photoshop when I have taken portraits of middle-aged men and women, their reason being that they would like to look their best on their website or on the mantel piece. Personally, I have found it a bit odd but as a curious person, I wondered why these people would like to change their appearances

On New Year’s eve 2017 I sat talking to a group of women the same age as me and I asked what they felt about their lines, grey hair and battle with weight gain. We concluded that we have loads of experience and wit but we are surprised every time we look in the mirror and see a middle-aged woman staring back at us.

The next morning on the 1st January 2018 I googled “portrait of middle-aged women” and the page came up with lots of images but not many looking middle-aged. With my professional eye I could see that most of them were over 50 but photoshopped to look like 25-year-olds. That made me sad at first but then I thought that if I wanted more portraits of middle-aged women out in the public I should do something about it.

So, I did.

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