A dance film about identity to be screened in Plymouth. We offer free opportunities for people to experience high quality art.

We did it!

On 8th Sep 2015 we successfully raised £755 of £750 target with 33 supporters in 14 days

New stretch target

If we were supported beyond our original target, the extra funds would go towards taking the film to local festivals and screening it in city centres. In Plymouth, for example, we would liase with the local council and organisations to find places for the film to be screened. By screening it in various outdoor public places we would be able to maximise the reach of the project and provide more opportunities for people who do not normally engage with art to find it by accident and to form their opinion of it.

Free, high quality art for everyone!

Project aim

A dance film about identity to be screened in Plymouth. We offer free opportunities for people to experience high quality art.

About the project

Sophie Colthurst Dance Projects is a new dance company based in Plymouth. We are interested in making art that is inspired by universal human interests. Our first project think:identity is a dance film based on public workshops held in the summer 2015. The dancers are working with people- young to old- speaking about how they define themselves. We are particularly interested in reaching out to groups who might not always access art and culture such as young offenders, refugees and people with mental health problems. We are basing ourselves at emerging arts hub Radiant which supports vulnerable young people and has increasingly become a place for the local community of Plymouth to engage with high quality, accessible art.


The video is of Sophie Colthurst speaking about the project and Molly Reeve who is a young and talented dancer who will be mentored as a part of the project. The footage is from the first of the public workshops where some members of the public engaged with dance for the first time. The video is from the first two sessions of one hour creative sessions for the public.  You can see a couple of short duets that were made in response to a task about finding common ideas between themselves and others.


We are then going into a 9 day creative residency where two professional dancers, one apprentice dancer, a filmmaker and a lighting designer will make a short film. Two members of the public will be invited to watch the parts of the creative process and give their feedback on what they see. The short film will be shown at Plymouth's Visual Arts Weekender. The company have been supported by the Arts council but we have to raise some money ourselves to run the workshops, pay for space, pay the artists and make art about the people of Plymouth.


The aim is to make high quality art available for free to everyone.


Attik Dance is supporting Sophie Colthurst Dance Projects by providing the skills of the company's 25 years of experience of making Dance for performance, and of working in the community and education settings. Attik Dance is ensuring the accountability of the funds that will be given to the project through the crowdfunder will be used for the aim of providing high quality art free for everyone in the project think:identity. 












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