Think Maintenance!

by Brian Douglas in Norwich, England, United Kingdom

Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

The project aims to increase employment opportunities within the community reduction of harmful gases into the atmosphere. Reduced costs

by Brian Douglas in Norwich, England, United Kingdom

The concept is to provide a one-stop shop providing a leading edge preventative maintenance program into the heating sector.

What made me do it!

From years of experience working across the domestic and commercial heating sectors for manufacturers, privately owned heating companies plc and social housing sectors my personal view was that there was an incredibly large amount of pressure put on engineers to resolve boiler issues often having to deal very disgruntled people. This aspect of the business had really disillusioned the service side of the engineering world very much Like the AA to provide a service that helps people in an emergency.

Enough is enough

I decided to take a year out because the levels of stress and driving was getting to an average year which was circa 50k miles per year with an average 12 hour day with no time for proper breaks and bad diet seemed like a recipe for disaster! and angry people 

My Values 

None of the current practices that I had experienced in my years within the heating sector came even close to the values instilled in me as an apprentice. 

Quality, Reliability, Value

When my father asked me about job satisfaction I looked at him blankly what`s that? He had enjoyed running a very successful business renovating vintage car never saw him grumpy and to be honest growing up as a teenager there was no greater pleasure than when that fresh coat of paint went on the car and the mirror finish shine gleamed no words could ever describe that feeling of pride! I want that within my professional life!

The Challenge 

To produce a product that will add value,  To Landlords Letting agents and commercial proprty owners where relability is a must reduce thier  costsand have  a positive impact on the environment by sinificantly reducing unessary co2 emmisons !

For my clients 

A good return on investment

Good quality of service  ( dedicated team taking full ownership of the prescribed service knowing your assets and detailed history  of works carried out)

A service developed for their needs (bespoke designed service plans for each installation)

A reduction in compliance headaches in terms of gas regulations. ( The business looks after all your gas safety s that you don`t have too!

My client's needs!


To me, it's more sensible to have a few points of contact as possible 

A service which demonstrates value for money

Assurance and peace of mind 

Cost reduction!

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